Victorian Garden Lamp Post 2.7m With LED Lantern Fitting

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ELLF1001 + LF1051 LED

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A modern and functional twist on our classical Victorian garden lamp post. This is our staple 8 ft 10" tall lamp post but the lantern has been fitted with a specialist high output LED lighting panel. The LED fitting is available in three different lumen levels for a varied degree of light output.

The ornate base and the ladder cross bar section of the lamp post have been cast from a piece of solid iron. The lantern is then hand assembled from galvanised sheet steel.

The lamp post comes complete with a free installation kit as standard that includes masonry fixing bolts and a wooden guide template for a quick and easy installation onto any driveway or garden.

The lantern is IPX4.

Supplied in ‘Signal Black’ Base Paint Finish - RAL 9004

IP rated LED fittings are available by special request where required and will be quoted for separately.

To be installed, tested and certified by a qualified tradesperson, your tradesperson may make product adaptations where required.

Dimensions (approximate):
Height: 2.69m (8ft 10")
Diameter: 90mm
Post base: 200mm square
Weight: 42kgs

Dimensions & Technical Specification

Ever wondered how close or far apart you need to set your Victorian lamp posts?

Below you will find a very useful table that provides a wealth of information on the light output that each strength of LED board will give.

On the left-hand side of the table (highlighted in yellow), you will see the lux level. Lux is simply just a unit of illuminance or luminous emittance, it is equal to one lumen per square metre. An approximate lux of between 20 - 50 is equal to that of a lit up public area on a dark night.

The figures in the centre of the table you will find our recommendations on the actual spacing between each lamp post to achieve each level of Lux. This is split up between the 3 different strength of LED board.

* Please Note: All of these are based on approximations so are only to be used as a guideline and not as an installation template. If you need any additional help and would like to discuss your requirements please contact us for more information.

Garden Lamp Post Spacing Table

Lamp Post Spacing

For information on installing your lamp post click here.

For information on caring for your lamp post click here.

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