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Black Victorian Wall Light On Ornate Corner Bracket

Code: ELLF1050/51/75 + LF1089

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About Item

Our specially created corner bracket allows you to enjoy the beauty and illumination of our Victorian lanterns in any location. The uniquely shaped fixing plate is designed to fix directly on to existing brickwork on the corner of you wall or home.

The ornate extending arm of the bracket is then fitted with one of our wonderfully period lamps. To be installed and certified by a qualified tradesperson, your tradesperson may make product adaptations where necessary.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Lantern Across Top: 21.5cm
Lantern Across Bottom: 11.5cm
Lantern Height: 60cm
Total Height: 88cm
Total Projection: 33cm
Total Weight: 3kg

Lantern Across Top: 24.5cm
Lantern Across Bottom: 14.5cm
Lantern Height: 70cm
Total Height: 98cm
Total Projection: 46cm

Across lantern top: 37cm
Across lantern bottom: 20.5cm
Lantern height: 87cm
Total height inc bracket: 115cm
Total projection: 51cm


Dimensions & Technical Specification

Dimensions (approx)


 Lantern Across Top: 21.5cm, Lantern Across Bottom: 11.5cm, Lantern Height: 60cm, Total Height: 88cm, Total Projection: 33cm, Total Weight: 3kg


 Lantern Across Top: 24.5cm, Lantern Across Bottom: 14.5cm, Lantern Height: 70cm, Total Height: 98cm Total Projection: 46cm


 Across lantern top: 37cm, Across lantern bottom: 20.5cm, lantern height: 87cm, total height inc bracket: 115cm, total projection: 51cm