Our Production Heritage

Over 25 years ago English Lamp Posts was formed and has been forging the way and setting the benchmark for Victorian Lighting ever since. We've stayed true to our traditional manufacturing heritage, ensuring the same tools and techniques are used ensuring our stamp of quality is maintained.  

Having created and supplied superior lighting to both private and trade customers for three generations, we wanted to give you an insight in to the work and dedication that goes in creating our unrivalled range.

Most recently whilst working on an entirely bespoke project up in the Scottish highlands we helped to create truly unique lighting features for every aspect of a palatial new build property.  The winding driveway, estate fencing and courtyard are now illuminated with beautifully crafted, authentic and traditional lamp posts and lantern tops.

All products should be installed, tested and certified by a qualified electrician, your tradesperson may make product adaptations where required.

making of a lantern our heritagebespoke pillar light entirely made by hand

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  1. Bespoke Lamp Post Collar Reducer
    Bespoke Lamp Post Collar Reducer
    Was: £59.99 £53.99
  2. Replacement Lantern Spigot
    Replacement Lantern Spigot
    Was: £45.00 £40.50
  3. Lamp Post Ladder Rails
    Lamp Post Ladder Rails
    Was: £65.00 £58.50
  4. Customized chrome lantern spinnings
    Customized lantern spinnings
    Was: £95.00 £85.50
  5. SON Fitting Victorian Lamp Post
    SON Fitting For Lamp Post Lantern
    Was: £130.00 £117.00

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