The History of English Lamp Posts

English Lamp Posts was founded over three decades ago by Clive Knowles, a specialist in metal fabrication. Clive always had a passion for metal work and was inspired by his father in law Eric Schubert who started his career working for HS Marston Aerospace in the aptly named Black Country. Manufacturing specialist technical aeroplane components in a career spaning over four decades.  As Clive's experience grew so did his passion for reclamation and restoration. Spending much of his spare time repairing and restoring period Victorian architectural ironmongery. 

Clive with guidance and support from Eric established English Lamp Posts in 1986. 

In 2007 Clive’s son Ben also joined the company, enabling the company to offer its Victorian lighting range and products online. 

The company continues to strive forward with Clive still at the manufacturing helm, ensuring everything the company produces still holds the same level of superior quality as it has for the past 30 years. 

If you have any questions with regards to any of our products or manufacturing techniques, please do not hesitate to call or email.

English Lamp Posts Founder

Our inspiration Eric pictured above in May 2009.

Eric Schubert
1st Generation - English Lamp Posts

Meet our team

Ben Knowles - Customer Advisor

Bruce Pittman - Accounts Manager

Gary Payne - Accounts Supervisor

Ahley Edwards - Office Administrator

Steve Taylor - Inventory Management

William Mervyn Jones - Paint & Finishing Shop

Martine Grieves - Office Manager

Neil Grieves - Works Manager

Bobbie Phillips - Packing Room Supervisor

Amie Dean - Office Administrator

Andrew Burnham - Trade Sales Manager

Emma Parry - Showroom & Display

Dave Jones - Stock Control Supervisor

Joanne Jones - Graphic Designer

Peter Lloyd - Packing & Warehouse

Matt Oliver - Machine & Engineering

Matt Coulson - Warehouse & Packing

Samantha Pittman - Purchasing

Tom Rogers - Online Administrator

David Edwards - Ecommerce Manager

Clive Knowles - Managing Director