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superior belgravia domed top lantern

Our Belgravia Lamp posts are distinctly individual. Each and every aspect of this piece of lighting is manufactured to the highest specification of build quality possible. Each lantern features our gracefully curved glass surround, beautifully designed and shaped by our extremely skilled glass makers.  The glass is held in place with an ornate cast iron frog at the glass base and a solid cast iron hat at the lantern top.  

The entire lantern is fastened using highly polished solid brass rods which elegantly sweep from top to bottom. The Belgravia lantern is unique period lighting at its finest.

The lamp post follows the same superior quality theme. Featuring a detailed authentic cast iron base and ladders bars, both beautifully embossed with Victorian patterns. The central section is formed using thick pieces of rolled steel, featuring a specially crafted channel with allows the electrical cable to be threaded through to your heavy duty brass bulb holder. 

If you want a truly unique piece of outside garden lighting, the Belgravia set is highly recommended. 

All products should be installed, tested and certified by a qualified electrician, your tradesperson may make product adaptations where required.

The Facts

- Superior quality cast iron Lamp Post
- Stunning architectural Belgravia lantern
- Manufactured using traditional methods and materials, ensuring maximum life
- Supplied with free bulb holder
- We recommend all outdoor garden lights are fitted by a qualified electrician.
- For lamp post scale & sizing guide please click here

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