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Belgravia Lamp Posts

superior belgravia domed top lantern

Our Belgravia Lamp posts are distinctly individual. Each and every aspect of this piece of lighting is manufactured to the highest specification of build quality possible. Each lantern features our gracefully curved glass surround, beautifully designed and shaped by our extremely skilled glass makers.  The glass is held in place with an ornate cast iron frog at the glass base and a solid cast iron hat at the lantern top.  

The entire lantern is fastened using highly polished solid brass rods which elegantly sweep from top to bottom. The Belgravia lantern is unique period lighting at its finest.

The lamp post follows the same superior quality theme. Featuring a detailed authentic cast iron base and ladders bars, both beautifully embossed with Victorian patterns. The central section is formed using thick pieces of rolled steel, featuring a specially crafted channel with allows the electrical cable to be threaded through to your heavy duty brass bulb holder.

If you want a truly unique piece of outside garden lighting, the Belgravia set is highly recommended. 

The Facts

- Superior quality cast iron Lamp Post
- Stunning architectural Belgravia lantern
- Manufactured using traditional methods and materials, ensuring maximum life
- Supplied with free bulb holder
- We recommend all outdoor garden lights are fitted by a qualified electrician.
- For lamp post scale & sizing guide please click here

belgravia design lamp posts with Uri Gellerinstalling your new lamp post

  • free delivery and installation kit
  • free dusk till dawn sensor bulb
  • 10_year_lamp_post_structural_guarantee

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About Item

Our small Belgravia lamp post is period outside lighting at its very best. If you're looking for something a little less contemporary with a unique period twist this is ideal. The lantern is inspired by an eclectic mix of different period design elements from both the Victorian and Georgian era. The lantern is manufactured from a chic section of shaped glass, hand turned sheet steel and cast iron. The lamppost base is manufactured from cast iron with a thick rolled steel centre section.

This is not to be confused with cheap outside garden lights, this is a genuine piece of traditional craftsmanship. Each Belgravia lamp post set is supplied with a free brass bulb holder and free mainland UK delivery. With strongly recommend any outside garden lights are installed by a qualified electrician.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 2.40m
Diameter: 60mm
Post base: 160mm square
Weight: 21kgs 

Victorian Belgravia Lamp Post 3.00m

Code: ELLF1090/M + LF1001


About Item

The medium Belgravia outside garden light is a stunning example of Victorian architecture. The lantern features a unique glass centre section mounted between a cast iron frog bracket and hand made spinnings. Each element is combined to a create a nothing short of startling effect, it goes without saying visitors to your property will stand in admiration at what is a very rare piece of period lighting.

The lamp post itself is made from the finest grade materials, with a cast iron base and thick rolled steel central post, this is not to be confused with a 1 season aluminium alternative. Each lantern is supplied with a free brass bulb holder. Only for those looking for superior quality and maximum visual impact.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 3.00m
Diameter: 80mm
Post base: 200mm square
Weight: 38.5kgs 

Victorian Belgravia Lamp Post 3.7m

Code: ELLF1090/L & Post


About Item

Superior heavy duty outside Belgravia lamp post. This lamp post is manufactured from high grade cast iron with a rolled steel centre section, designed to give years of reliable service. It cannot be compared to poor quality aluminium alternatives, this is only for those who want the very best. 

This outside garden light measures over 3.7 meters tall and is perfect for lighting a large driveway or garden.The Belgravia lantern shows influences from both the Georgian and Victorian eras and is manufactured to a superior standard. 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 3.7m
Diameter: 90mm
Post base: 260mm square
Weight: 58kgs 

Victorian Belgravia Lamp Post 4.1m

Code: ELExtra Large Lamp Post & Belgravia Lantern


About Item

One of the largest lamp posts within the range, featuring our extra large Belgravia lantern, undoubtedly the most prestigious combination we have ever created.

The glass lantern is framed by rods of solid brass which accentuate the exquisite uniqueness of the design. The lamp post is supplied with free installation pack as well as a brass bulb holder and internal reflector plate. 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 4.1m
Diameter: 90mm
Post base: 260mm square
Weight: 86kgs 


About Item

This effortlessly elegant lamp post has been adorned with a spherical glass lantern. The glass globe light is encased by frame of robust wrought iron finished in a satin midnight black.

Simple and classic in design the globe lantern is a beautifully authentic feature for your garden. With attention devoted to every detail the lantern set has also been fitted with solid brass bulb holder. The rolled steel lamp post is the epitome of quality hand crafted using wonderfully traditional manufacturing methods. Unrivalled in style the Beaumont Croft garden lamp post is abundant in character casting an atmospheric glow over your home and grounds.  

This Lamp post is a custom piece made to order. Approximate 12 week lead time.

Deluxe Miniature Belgravia Lamp Post

Code: ELDLX Mini belgravia lamp post


About Item

The regal miniature Belgravia lamp post is an elegant lighting solution for those with limited outdoor space that refuse to comprise on quality and style. Adorned with barley twist detailing the post has been finished in a  classic midnight black, complimenting beautifully the natural colours of your garden or grounds.

The cast post with globe glass lantern retains authentic period styling while incorporating a sense of contemporary design. The more modern lantern features solid brass supports and a matching midnight black finial. Place the 6ft tall ornate lamp post at your entrance or drive way for a stunning statement that will be admired by your guests for years to come.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 6ft 1". 

Victorian Belgravia Lamp Post 4.1m with Flower Basket

Code: ELExtra Large Lamp Post & Belgravia Lantern & Flower Basket


About Item

Truly spectacular this grand lamp post and lantern set has been fitted with a classically styled flower basket. 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 4.1m
Diameter: 90mm
Post base: 260mm square
Weight: 86kgs 

Victorian Double Head Belgravia Lamp Post 4.1m with Flower Basket

Code: ELDouble Head Belgravia Lamp Post 4.1m with Flower Basket


About Item

One of the largest double headed lamp posts within the range, featuring our extra large Belgravia lantern, undoubtedly the most prestigious combination we have ever created.

Dimensions (Approcimate):
Height: 4.1m
Diameter: 90mm
Post base: 260mm square
Weight: 100kgs

8 Item(s)

List Grid