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Caravan Site With Lamp Post

We specialise in creating optimum lighting conditions which enhance visibility throughout the park, tailoring the heights and layouts to avoid unwanted light in certain areas. 

English Lamp Posts offer the most sophisticated and high quality solutions for all camping and caravan parks. With safety in mind, opposed to the traditionally used glass, all of our beautiful lanterns are supplied with clear perspex panes.

The lamp posts themselves are cast using traditional manufacturing techniques, and built to last the test of time.

Please feel free to call and speak to a member of our team with regards to your requirements or visit our lighting display centre in Shropshire.

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  1. Black Caravan Park lamp post
    • Black Caravan Park lamp post
    • caravan park complex victorian lantern in black
    • caravan site black lamp post outdoors

    Caravan Park Drive & Complex Lights

    Normal Price: £449.00

    Special Price: £349.99

    Traditional in every sense, this lamp post and lantern set is sophisticated yet efficient way to illuminate the driveway of your park or guest path ways.

    The robust cast iron base features an inspection hatch for ease of installation as well as pre-cast fixing points. The light is also fitted with an internal reflector plate to help direct the output downwards. 

    Dimensions (Approximate): 
    Height: 230cm
    Diameter: 6cm
    Post base: 16cm square
    Weight : 21kgs

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  2. caravan site entrance lights
    • caravan site entrance lights
    • campsite entrance gate top post.

    Caravan Site Entrance Lights - Black Victorian


    Authentically period in shape and design, this entrance light draws inspiration from the traditional gas lamps of Victorian streets. The lantern is fitted with durable perspex panes and an internal reflector plate for a more efficient output.

    The lamp has been paired with squared mounted plate, allowing you to fix the light direct to your entrance pillars or brickwork. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 73.5cm
    Max width of lantern: 21.5cm
    Mounting plate: 16.6cm square
    Weight: 10kg.

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  3. antique dorchester pillar campsite entrance lantern
    • antique dorchester pillar campsite entrance lantern
    • antique dorchester campsite entrance top

    Caravan Site Entrance Lights - Antique Dorchester


    Our elegant antique brass lantern has been paired with a specially made fixing plate which is designed to be mounted directly on to an existing pillar or column. The light is the perfect way to mark the site entrance, guiding visitors to the reception area.

    Each of the four sides has been fitted with a robust pane of clear perspex for durability as well as allowing for maximum illumination. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 73.5cm
    Max width of lantern: 21.5cm
    Mounting plate: 16.6cm square
    Weight: 10kg.

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  4. caravan complex entrance lighting
    • caravan chalet pedestal light
    • caravan complex entrance lighting

    Caravan Chalet Pedestal Lights


    The bollard lights are the perfect solution to illuminating winding pathways around the site or guiding your guests towards a specific area. The low level pillars are cast in iron and can be finished in a colour of your choice upon request.

    Each of the miniature driveway posts have been fitted with our stunning copper Victorian lantern, offering efficient illumination for any commercial property. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 105cm
    Mounting plate width: 16cm
    Depth: 16cm
    Weight: 13.6kgs

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  5. Example
    • Example
    • Example
    • Example

    Caravan Complex & Restaurant Exterior Lights


    The antique elegance of this wall mounted lantern is simply unrivalled; the supporting bracket is beautifully ornate in detail and has been finished in a matching black.

    The exterior light is supplied with a solid brass bulb holder and internal reflector plate, to help direct the light downwards. 

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Total height: 69cm
    Total projection: 26.7cm
    Weight: 2.9kg

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  6. tall car park lighting
    • tall car park lighting
    • extra large lamp post in black in car park
    • high mast lighting base

    High Mast Caravan Site Lighting - Ideal for Car Parks

    Normal Price: £1,299.00

    Special Price: £999.00

    Our range of high mast lighting is specifically design to provide a wider range or illumination, offering the perfect solution for car parks and larger grounds. The lamp post features cast iron base with an integral inspection hatch and pre-cast anchor points.

    The incredible height of the pole is topped with a classically styled Victorian lantern, combining traditional elegance with modern efficiency. 

    3.7m & 4.6m High Mast Lamp Posts

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  7. LED Energy Efficient Lamp Post Set
    • LED Energy Efficient Lamp Post Set

    LED Energy Efficient Lamp Post Sets Conversion


    Our new LED fitments are available on all large lamp post sets. The LED conversion boasts a 5,000 lumen output level which is the equivalent of a 70 watt Metal Halide bulb.

    This essentially means higher light output levels but with better energy saving performance. LED bulbs also have high levels of reliability, with longer life expectancy than traditional high output Edison screw fix alternatives. As shown it replaces all of the traditional fixings.

    This type of conversion is recommend for larger properties or commercial applications and does require an experienced electrician to install. Please note: LED fittings are a customised product and therefore none returnable.

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  8. SON Fitting Victorian Lamp Post
    • SON Fitting Victorian Lamp Post
    • difference between optical elliptical bulb test tube bulb son fitting
    • Sodium Bulb Close Up

    SON Fitting For Lamp Post Lantern


    Our lanterns are also available with a SON fitting available upon request.

    Please note: SON fittings are a customised product and therefore none returnable.

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