Double Headed Lamp Posts

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double heade lamp post with lanternsFor areas requiring greater levels of light coverage or to create a more imposing appearance we've recreated a striking selection of our most popular lamp posts in a double head version.

All lanterns are supplied with fitted bulb holders ready for wiring in the same circuit or independently. 

The Facts

  • Perspex panes, a stronger and safer alternative to glass.
  • Two heavy duty brass bulb holders, suitable for use with energy efficient bulbs - ready for wiring,
  • Solid brass connection nuts which attach the lantern to the frog bracket.
  • Both lanterns have built in reflector plates, which direct light downwards to create a lovely ambiance.
  • Due to the lantern's height, this is perfect for areas which require a large radius of light.
  • Our Lamp Posts all have a 10 year guarantee.
  • All of our Lamp Posts are finished in a traditional black heavy duty powder coat.
  • Two free ' Dusk Till Dawn' energy efficient bulbs, guaranteed for 8 years.
  • Free mainland UK delivery.


Knowing Your Lanterns
lamp post supplied with free brass bulb holder, ladder bars and accessories

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  1. Triple Head Antique Brass Dorchester Lamp Post

    Triple Head Antique Brass Dorchester Lamp Post


    A trio of antique brass lanterns adorn the top of this magnificent design, each featuring a solid brass bulb holder and internal reflector plate.

    The cast iron base and lamp post are charmingly classical in style with beautifully ornate brackets and Victorian inspired detailing. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 2.65m

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  2. Triple Headed Garden Lamp Post
    • Triple Headed Garden Lamp Post
    • Copper Garden Lanterns
    • Garden Lantern Wiring
    • Garden Lantern Roof

    Triple Headed Empress Lamp Post


    We've spent over 25 years dedicated to the art of outdoor lighting and the Empress is one of our proudest achievements. The lamp post itself carries our normal cast iron pedigree, built to last and standing a towering 3.2 metres tall.

    The real difference the Empress brings to bear however is the 3 period swan neck brackets which are used to gracefully hold the hand forged Victorian copper lanterns.

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 3 metres max
    Width: 1.01m

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  3. Dual Headed Victorian Lamp Post
    • Period Twin Head Lamp Post At Dusk

    Dual Headed Victorian Lamp Post


    Our dual head mansion light is perfect for illuminating a large area of garden or driveway, standing a towering 3 metres tall, it features a large cast iron base with detailed Victorian motif pattern. The base features a built in inspection hatch, which allows for easy access to any control equipment you choose to put in place.

    The base, has four pre cast anchoring points, for straight forward installation. The dual arms, are cast from single sections and support two handmade Victorian lanterns. Each lantern is made by hand to a superior specification.

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Beautiful 3 metre Mansion Lamp Post

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  4. The Grand Estate Copper Lamp Post

    The Grand Estate Copper Lamp Post


    As the name suggest, this magnificent lighting set is one of our grandest designs, combining four spectacular copper lanterns with classical cast iron metalwork.

    The lamp post has been fitted with three baroque brackets which support three of the lamps; the third is mounted at the center, creating a truly stunning look as well as offering maximum illumination. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 2.7m
    Weight: 58kg

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  5. Double Headed Mansion Light

    Double Headed Mansion Light


    Standing at a remarkable 3.7m, this stately double headed lamp post is created from solid cast iron. The duo of exquisitely traditional lanterns is supported by matching, ornate brackets and is authentically simple in detail.

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 3.7m

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  6. 3.6m Double Copper Hexagonal Lamp Post

    3.6m Double Copper Hexagonal Lamp Post


    The majesty of the dual copper hexagonal lanterns is truly striking with the polished and lacquered finish highlighting each of the six faces. Each of the panels narrows towards the base of the light which, together with the internal reflector plate helps to direct the output more efficiently.

    The robust black powder coated post has been fitted with two ornate scrolled brackets which are designed to fit the frog collar at the base of each lantern perfectly. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 3.6m

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  7. The Countess Lamp Post

    The Countess Lamp Post


    Traditional Victorian lighting design featuring two of our award winning hand made Victorian lanterns, period scroll brackets and superior heavy duty Lamp Post. Each Victorian lantern light is supplied with a free brass bulb holder ready for wiring by your electrician.

    The Countess is undoubtedly our best seller within the Imperial range. Consisting of cast iron base and high detail cast aluminium brackets. Rolled steel galvanised column and handmade lanterns.

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 3.6m

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  8. Dual Headed Highbury Lamp Post Set

    Dual Headed Highbury Lamp Post Set


    Elegantly sized and well proportioned, the Dual Headed Highbury Lamp Post set is supplied with a bulb holder ready for wiring, suitable for use with energy efficient bulbs. The ornate brackets are cast in a single section and supported by our heavy duty cast iron Victorian post. The pole weighs over 24kg, testament to the gauge of material used to create each one.

    The lamp post is easily installed by a qualified tradesman, with anchoring points at the base ready for use. The dual head, ensures if necessary you can use a higher wattage bulb and achieve more than just an ambient light, perfect for deterring unwanted visitors and lighting dark areas of the garden.

    For Lamp Post scale click here  

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 2.2m
    Weight: 24kg

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  9. The Rochester Lamp Post

    The Rochester Lamp Post

    Normal Price: £3,150.00

    Special Price: £2,500.00

    Offer ends soon.

    The Rochester is distinctly individual, featuring our 3.7metre Victorian lighting post making this design one of the tallest within the range! It also features our ornate scroll design ladder brackets and our painstakingly hand forged copper lanterns.

    Standing over 3.7 metres tall, the set is a superior benchmark for all Victorian lighting. Please note due to materials used and traditional production methods, all garden lights within this section are extremely heavy.

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    3.7 metre Rochester Lamp Post

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  10. The Duke Lamp Post

    The Duke Lamp Post


    The Duke Victorian lighting set includes our heavy duty cast iron lamp post with high detail embossed base. Each lantern is formed by hand and then treated with tough black powder coat to ensure protection against the elements.

    Each lantern is also supplied with a brass bulb holder suitable for up to a 500watt bulb. The lantern uses perspex panels and not glass, perspex is much stronger whilst offering the same level of transparency. The Duke design lanterns are one of our most popular designs containing our specially designed internal light reflector, ensuring maximum light is distributed downwards.

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height 3.2m

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