Lamp Post Lanterns

If you're looking for a lantern to put pride of place on a lamp post you're refurbishing or just looking for something new, try one of our Victorian-style lanterns. Our Victorian lights feature a beautiful period motif at each corner which gives a traditional air of style and sophistication.

At the top of each piece sits our hand made "spinnings" which create that quintessentially English look. Each lamp top is supplied complete with strong clear acrylic panes and a free brass bulb holder. The outdoor lights are available in our black semi-gloss finish or our highly polished copper and are available in 4 different sizes.

All of our lanterns are pre-fitted with a B22 bulb holder that is rated at up to 200 watts. They can accept any bulb type under this wattage so are perfect for use with modern LED bulbs.

The Facts

- Turned and shaped by hand using authentic manufacturing techniques
- Supplied with free mainland UK delivery
- Fitted with perspex panes, not glass. Perspex is safer, stronger and offers the same crystal clear transparency.
- Each lantern contains a specially designed internal reflector plate, which directs light back towards the ground, increasing efficiency.

All products should be installed, tested and certified by a qualified electrician, your tradesperson may make product adaptations where required.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this lantern fit my Lamp post?
All our Lamp Post Lanterns are supplied to a range of standard Lamp Post sizes, however, if you’re concerned whether you have a good fit, do not hesitate to contact us. Our frog collars can generally be adapted easily to meet any spigot size. 

Is the Lantern ready to be installed?
All of our Lanterns are supplied with a heavy duty brass bulb holder, meaning your lantern will be ready for installation. We always recommend customers use a qualified electrician.

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  1. Small Black Victorian Lantern
    60cm Black Victorian Lantern
    Was: £159.99 £143.99
  2. 70cm Black Victorian Lantern
    70cm Black Victorian Lantern
    Was: £179.99 £161.99
  3. 60cm Copper Victorian Lantern
    60cm Copper Victorian Lantern
    Was: £179.99 £161.99
  4. Medium Copper Victorian Lantern
    70cm Copper Victorian Lantern
    Was: £229.99 £206.99
  5. 87cm Copper Victorian Lantern
    87cm Copper Victorian Lantern
    Was: £349.99 £314.99
  6. Small Black Hexagon Victorian Lantern
    63cm Black Hexagon Lantern
    Was: £174.99 £157.49
  7. Medium Black Hexagonal Victorian Lantern
    73cm Black Hexagon Lantern
    Was: £199.99 £179.99
  8. Large Black Hexagon Lantern
    87cm Black Hexagon Lantern
    Was: £274.99 £247.49
  9. Small Copper Hexagon Victorian Lantern
    63cm Copper Hexagon Lantern
    Was: £209.99 £188.99
  10. Medium Copper Hexagon Victorian Lantern
    73cm Copper Hexagon Lantern
    Was: £239.99 £215.99
  11. Large Copper Hexagon Victorian Lantern
    87cm Copper Hexagon Lantern
    Was: £289.99 £260.99
  12. 61cm Black Dorchester Lantern
    61cm Black Dorchester Lantern
    Was: £169.99 £152.99
  13. Medium Black Dorchester Lantern
    70cm Black Dorchester Lantern
    Was: £189.99 £170.99
  14. 75cm Black Dorchester Lantern
    75cm Black Dorchester Lantern
    Was: £289.99 £260.99
  15. Small Black Gothic Lamp Post Top
    61cm Black Gothic Lantern
    Was: £174.99 £157.49
  16. Medium Black Gothic Lantern
    70cm Black Gothic Lantern
    Was: £204.99 £184.49
  17. Large Black Gothic Lantern
    75cm Black Gothic Lantern
    Was: £299.99 £269.99
  18. Small Antique Brass Gothic Lantern
    61cm Antique Brass Gothic Lantern
    Was: £209.99 £188.99
  19. Medium Antique Brass Gothic Lantern
    70cm Antique Brass Gothic Lantern
    Was: £249.99 £224.99
  20. Large Antique Brass Gothic Lamp Post Top
    75cm Antique Brass Gothic Lantern
    Was: £309.99 £278.99
  21. 82cm Belgravia Lantern
    82cm Belgravia Lantern
    Was: £399.99 £359.99
  22. Medium Belgravia Lantern
    100cm Belgravia Lantern
    Was: £669.99 £602.99
  23. 120cm Belgravia Lantern
    120cm Belgravia Lantern
    Was: £799.99 £719.99

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