Garden SundialWe've always had a passion for two things. One is the love of recreating something nostalgic and reminiscent of a time gone by and another is the sense of pride and desire to create something truly remarkable.

For us at English Lamp Posts, the creation of our Sundial range has always held a special place in hearts, for years mankind has study the stars, constellations, planets and the passing of time, our collection pays tribute to all these things and celebrates our instinctive fascination with time and the original time pieces used to measure it.

For more indepth information into the study of time and especially the use of sun clocks in measuring it, please refer to the Sundial Society website, which contains a wealth of additional information on this topic.

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  1. Sun and Flowers Sundial

    Sun and Flowers Sundial


    Out of stock

    Beautiful Sun & Flowers Sundial, cast from solid brass and hand polished to a high shine, each dial is created to a remarkable level of intricacy. 

    Diameter: 1.9cm
    Weight: 0.93kg approx

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  2. White Horseshoe Garden Sundial

    White Horseshoe Garden Sundial


    Delightfully unusual the gnomon of this design takes the form of a rearing white stallion while the sundial itself is shaped like a horse shoe. 

    Width: 317mm
    Length: 222mm
    Weight: 5kg
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  3. Sunrise Polished Brass Garden Sundial

    Sunrise Polished Brass Garden Sundial


    Available in two sizes this design has been cast in brass and has a wonderfully polished finish. Enchanting in detail the sundial features a sun rising over the clouds with effortless beauty. 

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  4. Antique Brass Octagonal Sundial

    Antique Brass Octagonal Sundial


    Beautifully unique the octagonal sundial features a compass inspired design as well as a small engravable plaque. 

    Diameter: 260mm (10¼")
    Weight: 1.17kg
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  5. Time Flies Sail Boat Sundial and Bird Bath

    Time Flies Sail Boat Sundial and Bird Bath


    Out of stock

    Unique yet timeless this design combines the classic features of a sundial with the tranquil beauty of a bird bath. The basin forms the base of the sun clock as well as holding a small amount of water for winged visitors to enjoy. The addition of a regal, brass sail boat at the centre is simply enchanting acting as a decoration and gnomon in one. 

    Diameter: 300mm
    Weight: 3kg
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  6. Modern Brass Garden Sundial

    Modern Brass Garden Sundial


    Simple in detail this design features a unique, wheat sheaf inspired gnomon. Available in polished or antique brass, the sundial is octagonal in shape giving this classic garden decoration a unique twist. 

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  7. Fletched Arrow Brass and Copper Armillary Sphere

    Fletched Arrow Brass and Copper Armillary Sphere


    A modern take on a garden classic this armillary is hand crafted from polished brass and copper. Simple yet regal in design the sundial sphere features roman numerals and elegant etch work. 

    Height: 570mm (24½")
    Diameter: 490mm (19½’’)
    Base Diameter: 150mm (6")
    Arrow length: 790mm (31⅛")
    Weight: 4.7kg
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  8. Ornate Silver Armillary with Plinth

    Ornate Silver Armillary with Plinth


    A stunning set this armillary and matching plinth are cast in brass and then given a regal silver finish. Black etch work and detailing offers the perfect complement to this contemporary take on the classic sundial sphere. 

    Sold as a set.

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  9. Solid Brass Atlas Armillary Sundial

    Solid Brass Atlas Armillary Sundial


    The inspiration for this elegant armillary is taken from the Greek God Atlas, condemned to hold up the sky for eternity. Verdigris in finish, the design and detail of this sundial sphere is just as timeless, with the figure of Atlas supporting a trio of brass bands. 

    Height: 480mm (19") (Excluding Brass Pillar)
    Total Height: 680mm (26¾")
    Base Width: 120mm (4¾") (Of Brass Pillar)
    Diameter: 300mm (11⅞") (Of Globe)
    Arrow Length: 520mm (20½")
    Weight: 4.5kg
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  10. Wrought Iron Armillary Sphere with Scroll Base

    Wrought Iron Armillary Sphere with Scroll Base


    Traditionally crafted from wrought iron this unique armillary has a beautifully aged, rustic finish. The centre sphere is pierced by a classically design arrow while the base has been adorned with ornate scroll work. 

    Height: 773mm (30")
    Width: 712mm (28”)
    Depth: 457mm (18”)
    Weight: 7kg
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