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English Lamp Posts has been proudly manufacturing some of the most spectacular and grand Metal Gazebos for over 25 years. Throughout this time we’ve stayed true to one single rule, ensure each and every gazebo carries the English Lamp Posts mark of superior quality and craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for a traditional rose arch, a period Victorian design or even for a grand piece of garden architecture, we have an eclectic mix of some of the most ornate and decorative gazebos available within the UK.

If you’re interested to know what makes English Lamp posts so different, simply look at the weight of each one of our products to get a better understanding of the sheer gauge of materials and countless hours of metal turning, beating and welding which go into each and every one. Our claim to fame. In 2005 Michael Owen ex England footballer posed under our Victorian Scroll Gazebo just after getting married!

The Facts:

  • Each of our gazebos goes through a special pre treatment process which ensures the metal is protected from the elements.
  • English lamp posts is the UK leader is heavy duty impeccable quality gazebos and we have the celebrity following to show for it.
  • Each gazebo is manufactured by hand, down to the very last weld, this ensures that each gazebo is of the finest build quality. We stay true to the traditional tools and techniques used for the past 25 years.
  • We have one of the largest displays of metal gazebos available in the UK. To book a visit to our show area, please feel free to contact us.
  • Our range is constantly expanding, taking inspiration from some of the UK finest traditional Victorian architecture. If you are looking for something specially commissioned for public or private use, please let us know.

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  1. The Royal Alexandria Gazebo

    The Royal Alexandria Gazebo


    The Royal Alexandria gazebo is an engineering masterpiece. Constructed from over 3 tonnes of hand forged wrought iron each royal Alexandria gazebo takes a team of blacksmiths over three weeks to make, beating and forging over 200 decorative scrolls.

    This gazebo is so special there have been very few ever made, recently selected for Alan Titchmarsh Love Your Garden as a key Show feature. The structure is suitable for either lawn or plinth mounting. As pictured the gazebo is ideal for use with a table and chairs, perfect for enjoying a glass of wine in or entertaining during those lazy summer afternoons.

    Delivery costs may vary depending on your location, so please contact with your exact requirements. Requires maintenance see product maintenance section. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 4.6m
    Weight: 2000kg
    Internal seating area: 4m x 4m

    The Alexandria Gazebo was featured on Alan Titchmarsh's - "Love Your Garden" in September 2011.

    Alexandria Gazebo featured on Love You Garden

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  2. dutchess gazebo for wedding hire
    • dutchess gazebo for wedding hire
    • gazebos for weddings

    Wedding Gazebo For Hire


    All the glamour and elegance of our other gazebos  the Countess has the added addition of easy assembly. Created in strong iron rods and finished in a wonderfully classic French cream, this gazebo is less weighty than other garden structures.

    The Countess remains wonderfully detailed and spacious making this gazebo perfect for any occasion. Dress with fabrics or beautiful flowers for special occasions and weddings, creating a feature that you and your guests will remember for years to come. The gazebo is also easy to manoeuvre allowing you to place it in the perfect spot for your big day.
    Requires maintenance see product maintenance section.

    Wedding Gazebo Hire Available from £250

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 290cm
    Width: 330cm
    Weight : 53kg

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  3. Cream Carousel Gazebo
    • Cream Carousel Gazebo
    • Hinged Gazebo Door
    • Hinged Gazebo Door

    Cream Carousel Gazebo


    Our Cream Carousel Gazebo is manufactured by hand featuring a hinged door with beautiful scroll panelling. The Gazebo stands a towering 310cms and is ideal for use on a lawn or on a brick plinth
    Requires maintenance see product maintenance section. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Diameter: 207cm
    Height: 310cm

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  4. Baroness Gazebo
    • Baroness Gazebo
    • Baroness Cast Iron Gazebo
    • Cast Iron Gazebo Column
    • Metal Gazebo Seat

    Baroness Gazebo


    The Baroness is one of the grandest Gazebos for sale within the range.Made from a combination of solid cast iron which is used to create the base, columns and seats and wrought iron, which is shaped by hand to create the ornate scroll work in the roof. The Baroness is an architectural masterpeice, combining period architectural ironmongery styles inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian eras. 

    • Manufactured to a superior standard
    • Combines both cast and wrought iron 
    • Must be view at our outdoor show area 

    Requires maintenance see product maintenance page.

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 3.5m
    Diameter: 2.3m

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  5. Iron Garden Gazebo
    • Iron Garden Gazebo
    • Iron Gazebo Roof

    La Rochelle Metal Gazebo


    The La Rochelle Gazebo towers at over 3 metres tall featuring a decorative wrought iron spire and wide base. The Gazebo is perfect for creating an area to relax, suitable for use with table and chairs to enjoy drinks or tea on a warm summers evening. 

    The design features Victorian inspired scroll work which is manufactured by hand, providing ample support for climbing plants or flowers which can be used to stunning effect and to create an area of shade. 

    The structure is finished with a tough black powder coat paint and requires very little on going maintenance, see product maintenance section.

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 317cm
    Diameter: 214cm
    Weight: 130kg

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  6. Royal Scroll Gazebo & Swing Seat

    Royal Scroll Gazebo & Swing Seat


    Our Royal Scroll gazebo is manufactured from solid wrought iron, weighing over a quarter of a tonne in pure ironwork. Each one is manufactured by hand, and features countless Victorian style scrolls, which create a mesmerising effect.

    The gazebo features a wrought iron seat (design may change slightly) and is perfect for those long summer afternoons in the garden when reading or enjoying a glass of wine.

    If you're looking for a structure that is built to last, the Royal Scroll design will give years of reliable service and pleasure. Must be installed by a qualified professional to ensure the seat is securely fastened and suitable for use.

    Ground preparation and fixings are important to ensure gazebo stability. Testing after installation and before use is recommended by a structural professional. Not recommended for use by children. Maintenance required, in line with the properties of wrought iron. 
    Requires maintenance see product maintenance section. 

    Dimensions & Additional Information (Approximate):
    Height: 3.35m
    Diameter: 1.83m
    Weight: 250kg
    Seat designed for persons of slimmer build. 

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  7. The Duchess Gazebo
    • Duchess Gazebo Roof
    • Lawn Gazebo

    The Duchess Gazebo


    The Duchess is designed to be graceful and elegant, adding an air of Victorian charm to your garden. Pictured here in our traditional cream, the Duchess is extremely popular for those looking to create an inviting area of the garden to sit and relax on those lazy summer afternoons.

    The Duchess is great for growing plants along the supports and if you're feeling a little more glamorous, they look extra special when decorated with fairy lights twinkling of an evening.
    Requires maintenance see product maintenance section. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    2.9 metres high
    3.3 metres wide

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  8. Victorian Scroll Gazebo
    • Black Wrought Iron Gazebo
    • Wrought Iron Gazebo Canopy

    Victorian Scroll Gazebo


    Gazebo photographed by Hello! Magazine

    This Gazebo is a truly remarkable piece of Victorian style architecture. Built by hand each gazebo spends countless hours in production, each one consisting of over 300 unique joints and over 250kg of cast iron! The Victorian Scroll design, pictured here with Michael Owen and his wife Louise on their wedding down in June 2005, photographed by HELLO! Magazine. Due to the sheer weight and remarkable size of the Countess, delivery costs must be calculated on your location.

    If you're looking for something entirely different which will grace your garden or driveway for years to come the Victorian Scroll Gazebo is perfect, built to stand the test of time.
    Requires maintenance see product maintenance section. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 3.4m
    Diameter: 1.82m
    Weight: 205kg

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  9. Devonshire wrought iron pavillion
    • Devonshire wrought iron pavillion
    • black scroll design gazebo
    • gazebo black roof

    The Devonshire Wrought Iron Brid Cage Gazebo


    The beautifully classic shape of this domed gazebo offers the perfect setting to sit back and relax in once paired with a charming bistro set.

    The bird cage inspired design has been made in hand wrought iron and features timeless scroll work and ornate detailing. Finished in a rustic bronze, the pavilion looks stunning mounted on a brickwork platform. 

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 315cm
    Width: 336cm
    Width of each panel: 133cm
    Height from bottom to top of panel: 221cm Rods: 2.1cm

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  10. Gazebos for sale
    • Gazebos for sale
    • Iron Gazebo
    • Large Iron Gazebo
    • Gazebo Pillar

    Royale Arch Gazebo


    The Royale Gazebo is simply jaw dropping. Occupying over 50 square metres of floor space, this is the perfect host for a garden party or gala. Ideal for use with climbing plants, the Royale is often used to provide an area of light shade during the summer, offering an idyllic area to enjoy dining alfresco or to escape the suns rays with a glass of your favourite wine.

    Requires maintenance see product maintenance section. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 3.65m
    Width: 3.7m
    Depth: 3.7m
    Archway width: 1.18m

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