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Modern Lamp Posts

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Was: £1,099.99

Special Price: £989.99

About Item

This particular Victorian lantern is made using pure heavy duty stainless steel, after a rigorous manufacturing process each one is highly polished, initially by machine and then by hand. This creates a beautiful high shine making the steel resemble a polished chrome finish.  

This lamp post set is ready for installation and the lantern ready for painting should you wish to paint it a custom colour.  We personally believe the polished stainless steel creates a beautifully unconventional and contemporary alternative to the much more common traditional black finish, as well as offering superb durability and structural integrity.

Dimensions (approximate):
Height: 3.25m (10ft 8")
Diameter: 90mm
Post base: 260mm square
Weight: 58kg

Polished Chrome Kensington Lamp Post 2.25m

Code: ELLF1085/BC + LF1000 + LF1033

Was: £429.00

Special Price: £319.00

Free Next Day Delivery

About Item

Free Next Working Day Delivery, Order Before 1pm!

Free mainland UK delivery & free guaranteed '4000 hour life' bulb with dusk till dawn light sensor!

An unusual twist for the modern age. Our handcrafted Kensington Lamp Post is given a contemporary edge with a highly polished chrome lantern.   The lantern is firstly made by hand in brass using traditional methods and then chrome plated and lacquered. The combination of the stark black powder coated iron and mirrored chrome is remarkable.

The Lamp Post is delivered with easy to use installation kit ready for fitting. The typical installation involves the use of our masonry rawl bolts, however, root anchors are available separately should you wish to bury part of the post within the ground.  Each post is supplied with our 10-year structural guarantee. 

Dimensions (approximate):
Height: 2.25m (7ft 4")
Diameter: 60mm
Post base:160mm square
Weight: 21kgs

Was: £645.99

Special Price: £581.39

About Item

The "Seoul" Lamp Post features smooth curved lines and is fully adjustable in height allowing positioning from approximately 154cm to 248cm. It's manufactured using heavy gauge steel which has been through a rigorous 'hot dip' galvanisation process making it ideal for use in coastal locations or where a low maintenance approach is preferred. The initial polished lustre will gently patina down over time. The base features three fixing points and is supplied with fixing kit and installation guide. The luminare is supplied with an E27 100 watt maximum bulb holder.

Key facts:

  • Stunning contemporary design
  • Supplied with fixings & installation guide
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • IP54 Protection
  • Suitable for coastal or corrosive environments
  • Fitted E27 bulb holder
  • 10 year anti corrosion warranty* 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 154-248cm adjustable
Width: 35cm 

Was: £749.00

Special Price: £674.10

About Item

The "Helsinki" lamp post finished in satin black features two high output lanterns with beautifully layered spinnings creating an hypnotic illusion of depth and diffusing light beautifully.

The fitting is adaptable and can be installed at heights ranging from 170cm to 238cm. The circular spinnings reflect light downwards ideal for lighting pathways or gardens. Each lantern is fitted with a E27 screw fix bulb holder and clear acrylic glass panes for use with up to a 75 watt output bulb.  The overall width is an impressive 74cm, making it an ideal statement piece.  

Key facts:

  • Beautifully contemporary lantern design
  • Supplied with fixings & installation guide 
  • IP55 Protection  
  • Fitted E27 bulb holders 
  • 10 year anti corrosion warranty* 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 170-238cm adjustable
Width: 74cm

Was: £569.99

Special Price: £512.99

About Item

The simplicity of detail and sleek shape of this design, combine to create a beautifully modern alternative to more traditional outdoor lighting. The lamp post and lantern are made in steel and then hot dipped galvanised for a more durable finish.

The top fix light features a quirky shaped shade which helps to direct light downwards. A statement of contemporary style, the base of the pole can be secured using the concrete anchor kit supplied. The height of the post can be adjusted to meet your requirements and allowing you to customise somewhat the output within your setting.

Key Facts:

  • Supplied ready wired with concrete anchor kit for installation
  • IP55 protection
  • E27 bulb holder fitted
  • 15 year anti corrosion warranty*

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height- 170-238cm adjustable
Width- 32cm
Projection- 45cm

Was: £834.99

Special Price: £751.49

About Item

A truly exquisite example of modern lighting, this design features two stunning lanterns each with a cylinder shaped lens which is encase by an elegant frame of matching black metalwork.

The central pole is extendable allowing you to adjust the height up to 2.45m. The sleek lamp post and lantern have been made in heavy duty steel which is hot dip galvanised and powder coated. The underside of the top lid has been finished in white to assist with light reflection.

Key Facts:

  • Supplied ready wired with concrete anchor kit for installation
  • IP54 protection
  • E27 bulb holder fitted
  • 15 year anti corrosion warranty*

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height- 154cm-245cm adjustable
Width- 70cm
Projection- 27cm

Was: £329.99

Special Price: £296.99

About Item

One of our smaller modern lamp posts, this design offers lower level lighting and is ideal for pathways or drives. The pillar is minimal in style and has an elegant curved neck which supports the lamp itself.

The lantern is an exceptional example of contemporary design featuring a trio of sculpted metal frames which not only look effortlessly stylish but also help to direct the output.

The lamp post and lantern are available in a choice of galvanised steel or black powder coated finishes.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 1.18m
Width: 48cm
Projection: 27cm 

Was: £644.99

Special Price: £580.49

About Item

As the name suggests, the "Stockholm" lamp post has been inspired by the typical Scandinavian design. The lamp post and lantern are both made from heavy duty, hot-dip galvanised steel making them perfect for use in coastal areas or environments with high pollution. This is also backed up by a 15-year "Manufacturers" anti-corrosion warranty.

The whole lamp post is then finished with an equally durable, black polyester powder coat. Above the glass lantern, the lamp post lid has been painted in white to enhance light reflection.

Key facts:

  • Bold contemporary design - Perfect for modern car parks and walkways
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Rated at IP54
  • Suitable for coastal or corrosive environments
  • Supplied with a 100watt E27 bulb holder
  • Support by a 15 year "Manufacturers" anti-corrosion warranty

Dimensions (approximate):
Height: 151-248cm adjustable
Width: 35cm 

Was: £179.99

Special Price: £161.99

About Item

The Sundsvall pillar lamp post has all of the same features as it's larger (full size) counter-parts but in a much more compact package. The low-level design makes it perfect for areas with height restrictions or where light pollution may cause a problem. The post and lantern top are produced with durability in mind and it is manufactured from high grade 304 stainless steel. The post base also features three pre-drilled holes for a quick and easy installation.

Key facts:

  • Traditional Nordic-inspired design
  • IP44 Rated
  • Suitable for coastal or corrosive environments
  • Pre-fitted with a 60 watt E27 bulb holder
  • 15-year anti-corrosion guarantee

Dimensions (approximate):

Height: 100cm
Width: 28cm

9 Item(s)

List Grid