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lamp post accessories and custom extras for your lantern

Created using only the finest materials these solid cast signs are the perfect compliment to your antique lamp post. Using a hand forged traditional scroll frame, each cast sign is carefully attached to the antique lamp post using strong black loop cable fasteners. 

Each piece can feature both numerals and letters so no matter how unique your name or number we should be able to accommodate you. The images shown above demonstrate the Scroll Sign with our Belgravia lamp post. The bracket is available in four sizes.

To purchase please add your sign to the shopping cart and after purchase please email and confirm your wording.

If you’re familiar with English Lamp Posts you’ll know that we’re constantly innovating and developing new products to add to our ever growing Garden Lighting range. Here you’ll find some of the latest and greatest Lamp Post accessories which are soon to be released.

What's New

For those with an existing lamp post, we are pleased to offer a specialist service where we adapt your existing frog collar, which can then be attached to the lantern of your choice. More information.

Ready for Spring is our Flower Planter range!

Add a splash of colour to your Patio with this handmade flower trough. Manufactured using a solid steel rod and finished with a tough black powder coat, this flower basket is a beautiful Lamp Post accessory designed to give years of trusty service.

All products should be installed, tested and certified by a qualified electrician, your tradesperson may make product adaptations where required.

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  1. Stained Glass House Number In Victorian Lantern
    Custom Lantern Stained Glass
    Was: £45.00 £40.50
  2. Dusk Till Dawn Sensor Light Bulb
    Dusk Till Dawn Sensor Light Bulb
    Was: £12.99 £11.69
  3. Bespoke Lamp Post Collar Reducer
    Bespoke Lamp Post Collar Reducer
    Was: £59.99 £53.99
  4. Lamp Post Ladder Rails
    Lamp Post Ladder Rails
    Was: £65.00 £58.50
  5. Replacement Lantern Spigot
    Replacement Lantern Spigot
    Was: £45.00 £40.50
  6. Victorian Lantern with 150watt Metal Halide fitting
    150watt Metal Halide Lantern Fitting
    Was: £114.99 £103.49
  7. White custom lamp post
    Lamp Post Painting Service
    Was: £100.00 £90.00
  8. Lamp post ground anchor
    Lamp Post Root Anchor
    Was: £49.99 £44.99
  9. SON Fitting Victorian Lamp Post
    SON Fitting For Lamp Post Lantern
    Was: £130.00 £117.00
  10. Lamp Post Flower Basket
    Lamp Post Flower Basket
    As low as £0.00
  11. Giant Lamp Post Clock Face
    Giant Lamp Post Clock Face
    As low as £3,150.00
  12. Leaded lamp post glass
    Leaded Glass for Lamp Post Lanterns
    Was: £400.00 £360.00
  13. Stained Glass in a Lamp Post Lantern
    Stained Glass Lantern Inserts
    Was: £800.00 £720.00
  14. Customized chrome lantern spinnings
    Customized lantern spinnings
    Was: £95.00 £85.50
  15. Bespoke lamp post clock in front of field
    Bespoke Clock Lamp Post
    Was: £3,000.00 £2,700.00
  16. Chrome lamp post lantern - custom made
    Custom Chrome Lantern Plating
    Was: £165.00 £148.50
  17. Royal Driveway Lights in Solid Brass
    Royale Driveway Light in Solid Brass
    Was: £700.00 £630.00
  18. Lantern dusk dawn sensor
    Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor
    Was: £55.00 £49.50
  19. Antique Lamp Post Sign
    Antique Lamp Post Sign
    Was: £189.99 £170.99

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