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lamp post accessories and custom extras for your lantern
custom extras and lamp post accessoriesCreated using only the finest materials these solid cast signs are the perfect compliment to your antique lamp post. Using a hand forged traditional scroll frame, each cast sign is carefully attached to the antique lamp post using strong black loop cable fasteners. 

Each piece can feature both numerals and letters so no matter how unique your name or number we should be able to accommodate you. The images shown above demonstrate the Scroll Sign with our Belgravia lamp post. The bracket is available in four sizes.

To purchase please add your sign to the shopping cart and after purchase please email and confirm your wording.

If you’re familiar with English Lamp Posts you’ll know that we’re constantly innovating and developing new products to add to our ever growing Garden Lighting range. Here you’ll find some of the latest and greatest Lamp Post accessories which are soon to be released.

custom lamp post accessories.
For those with an existing lamp post we are pleased to offer a specialist service where we adapt your existing frog collar, which can then be attached to the lantern of your choice. More information.

Ready for Spring is our Flower Planter range!

Add a splash of colour to your Patio with this hand made flower trough. Manufactured using solid steel rod and finished with a tough black powder coat, this flower basket is a beautiful Lamp Post accessory designed to give years of trusty service.

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  1. Replacement Lantern Spigot
    • How To Tap A Thread Into A Lamp Post Frog Collar

    Replacement Lantern Spigot


    Dimensions (Approximate):
    5cm Collar Size

    Height of frog collar: 14cm (excluding bulb stem)
    Fixing centres: 6.5cm

    7cm Collar Size
    Height of frog collar: 16cm (excluding bulb stem)
    Fixing centres: 9.5cm

    8cm Collar Size
    Height of frog collar: 16cm (excluding bulb stem)
    Fixing centres: 14.5cm

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  2. Bespoke Lamp Post Collar Reducer

    Bespoke Lamp Post Collar Reducer


    This reducer is ideal for refurbishing older lamp posts which have a more unique size. The collars are available in most sizes and painted satin black.

    The one shown is a 90mm to 70mm reducer ensuring your new lamp is the perfect fit. For a quote and lead time on an alternative size please contact the sales team. 

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  3. Lamp Post Ladder Rails

    Lamp Post Ladder Rails


    Dimensions (Approximate):

    Height: 8.5cm
    For pole diameter of: 6.5cm
    Total width: 45cm

    Height: 10.5cm
    For pole diameter of: 7.5cm
    Total width: 50cm

    Height: 11.5cm
    For pole diameter of: 9cm
    Total width: 55cm

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  4. Custom Ladder Bars with Integrated Solid Brass House Number

    Custom Ladder Bars with Integrated Solid Brass House Number


    The traditional beauty of our ladder bars has been re-purposed to feature your house number. Available in a choice of sizes to better suit your chosen lamp post the solid brass numeral is wonderfully polished and given a protective lacquer coating. Please note that the space available can only accommodate one number. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 85mm (3⅓")
    For pole diameter of: 65mm (2½")
    Total width: 450mm (17¾")

    Height: 105mm (4⅛")
    For pole diameter of: 75mm (3")
    Total width: 500mm (19⅔")

    Height: 115mm (4½")
    For pole diameter of: 90mm (3½")
    Total width: 550mm (21⅔") 

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  5. Ornate Directional Property Name Sign

    Ornate Directional Property Name Sign


    Combining classical elegance with traditional craftsmanship, this free standing name sign features a beautifully ornate frame and is finished in a robust black powder coat.

    This design also features an integral hand to literally point your visitors in the right direction, particularly useful for homes or businesses with long drives. The center of the sign can be personalised with you company name or particular building.

    Please note the price does not include the sign writing fee, for those wishing to personalise the design please contact the sales team for a quote. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 280mm (11") (inc Bracket)
    Width: 790mm (31")
    Weight: 4.5kg


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  6. Lamp post ground anchor
    • Lamp post ground anchor
    • Lamp post fixing anchor scale
    • Lamp post base fixing anchor sizes

    Lamp Post Root Anchor


    Our lamp post root anchors are created from solid steel. They are a quick and easy way of giving extra support when installing a lamp post. Once concreted into the ground our lamp posts can be offered up to the flat connecting plate of the root anchor and bolted straight down.

    Our root anchors are available in 4 sizes matching our range of lamp posts. Please note: small root anchors are only suitable for use with our small lamp posts, medium anchors with our medium posts and so on.

    We always recommend a properly qualified tradesperson be used when installing your lamp post.

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 460mm (18")
    Base: 162mm (6")
    Weight: 2kg,

    Height: 460mm (18")
    Base: 205mm (8")
    Weight: 2.4kg

    Height: 460mm (18")
    Base: 257mm (10")
    Weight: 3kg,

    Extra large:
    Height: 460mm (18")
    Base: 295mm (11.5")
    Weight: 3.5kg,

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  7. PIR motion sensor for lamp post lantern
    • PIR motion sensor for lamp post lantern

    Victorian Lantern & Lamp Post - PIR Motion Sensor Fitment


    It’s now possible to integrate a PIR Sensor within the traditional Victorian Lantern body in order to detect movement and in turn illuminate the lamp post.

    This custom option involves the fitment of an LED panel, offering a 5000 lumen output level and a special microwave motion detector. Despite the high level of light output the LED panel is only rated at approximately 20 watts of electricity usage. The motion detector is almost unnoticeable situated centrally within the LED Panel, boasting a large 10ft detection radius, its ideal for residential and commercial applications whereby a more discreet style of security light is required.   Each LED panel is guaranteed for 5 years.

    The lantern shown in the photograph also features a 70 lux dusk till dawn sensor, ideal if a property is left unmanned and you would like to avoid unnecessary electricity usage. This sensor will automatically ensure the lantern is not turned on during daylight hours. For pricing please speak to our customer service department. 

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  8. LED Energy Efficient Lamp Post Set
    • LED Energy Efficient Lamp Post Set

    LED Energy Efficient Lamp Post Sets Conversion


    Our new LED fitments are available on all large lamp post sets. The LED conversion boasts a 5,000 lumen output level which is the equivalent of a 70 watt Metal Halide bulb.

    This essentially means higher light output levels but with better energy saving performance. LED bulbs also have high levels of reliability, with longer life expectancy than traditional high output Edison screw fix alternatives. As shown it replaces all of the traditional fixings.

    This type of conversion is recommend for larger properties or commercial applications and does require an experienced electrician to install. Please note: LED fittings are a customised product and therefore none returnable.

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  9. SON Fitting Victorian Lamp Post
    • SON Fitting Victorian Lamp Post
    • difference between optical elliptical bulb test tube bulb son fitting
    • Sodium Bulb Close Up

    SON Fitting For Lamp Post Lantern


    Our lanterns are also available with a SON fitting available upon request.

    Please note: SON fittings are a customised product and therefore none returnable.

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  10. Customized chrome lantern spinnings
    • Customized chrome lantern spinnings

    Customized lantern spinnings


    This is a perfect way to add a modern twist to our traditional lanterns. This option is also available in copper and brass but can be seen pictured in chrome. As with all of the personalisation options, there will be a lead time as these alterations are made by hand on an individual basis.

    If you would like any more information please call our friendly sales team on: 01691 610952.

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