Each lantern is supplied with a free brass bulb holder and can be adapted to fit almost any post sizes upon request. Our Lanterns are manufactured to a superior standard, each one manufactured by hand by master sheet metal workers.

Our lantern range now features over 50 different designs and styles of replacement head, available in finishes ranging from antique brass to polished copper. All lanterns will be supplied with a bayonet bulb holder ready for wiring, with Edison bulb holders also available upon request.

What makes our Lanterns so special?

Each lantern features a specially designed reflective panel, which not only channels light evenly downwards it also ensure that the lantern is extremely efficient.

Each lantern is supplied with perspex panels instead of glass. Perspex is a much stronger more durable alternative to glass whilst still offering identical levels of transparency. 

All products should be installed, tested and certified by a qualified electrician, your tradesperson may make product adaptations where required.

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Frequently asked questions

Will this lantern fit my lamp post?

All our Lamp Post Lanterns are supplied to a range of standard Lamp Post sizes, however if you’re concerned whether you have a good fit, do not hesitate to contact us. Our Lantern brackets can generally be adapted easily to meet any requirements.

Is the lantern ready to be installed?

All of our Lanterns are supplied with a heavy duty brass bulb holder, meaning your lantern will be ready for installation. We also supply a locking hex key, which is used to secure the lantern to your post and help minimise the risk of theft. We always recommend customers use a qualified electrician.

How quickly will my lantern be dispatched?

Typically all products are dispatched within 48hours, during periods of exceptionally high demand we will notify you if delays are expected, our entire Lamp Post top range is supplied with free mainland UK delivery.

What bulb types can be used within these luminaires?

Victorian Lantern with 150watt Metal Halide fittingEach lantern is supplied with a free heavy duty 2amp bayonet bulb holder, this can generally be used with up to a 200watt bulb - although your electrician may specify lower. Typically people use an energy efficient bulb with a usage of approximately 20-25watts and an output of 60-80watts. Most lanterns within the range can also be used with a more commercial range of fittings, please see an overview below:

  • 150watt Metal Halide (pictured here)
  • High 5000 lumen output LED panel
  • 70watt SON fitting
  • Standard 2amp ES27 fitting
  • For more information or to arrange for modifications to be made, please just call or email.

Can these lantern be used with reclaimed cast iron lamp posts?

Yes our lanterns are designed to be used with original cast iron posts, please just check the diameter of the lamp post collar to ensure the frog bracket diametre is wide enough to slide over the post. If you are having difficulty with this or would like to discuss your specific needs, please feel free to let us know.

What happens if I cannot remove my lamp posts frog bracket?

Occasionally we find that frog brackets have almost welded themselves to the lamp posts over time and it's neither practical or possible to actually remove them. There are several routes forward such as attaching a replacement lantern to an existing frog bracket or by making a custom plate which enables the frog bracket to be connected to the lantern base.  If your circumstances are a little more intricate please feel free to discuss details over the telephone. 

Making custom frog collar brackets

As shown in the image below our skilled blacksmiths can make frog collars to almost any size or configuration. To discuss your individual requirements please feel free to speak with us directly by telephone or email.   All of our frog brackets are made from heavy duty wrought iron and are supplied with stainless steel fixings and special hex key. 

Frog bracket in a vice

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