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Garden Planters

This collection of magnificent garden planters has been exquisitely designed and handcrafted from the highest quality materials. Simply stunning the planters range from the exclusively ornate to the classic and wonderfully period.

Any of these grand planters would look just perfect adorning the grounds of any outdoor space, long drive or entrance way. Available in a choice of unique finishes the planter can be as individual as your home.

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Double Length Hanging Trough Planter

Code: ELHS618 & 2 X HS601M


About Item

Double length hanging trough, supported by two very strong Victorian style iron brackets, perfect for planting a long run of flowers to beautifully decorate a patio or terrace area. The brackets contain four fixing points for easy installation. This planter is formed from over 17kg of steel and is extremely heavy duty.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Depth of basket: 81cm
Length: 1.2m

Warwick Hanging Planter

Code: ELHS601 & HS601M


About Item

One of our most popular designs, this hanging basket is made in iron and is supplied with a matching bracket. The supporting arm is charmingly period in detail with a fleur de lys inspired center piece.

The planter is finished in a timeless black and looks beautiful once potted with blossoming florals. 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Depth of bracket: 45.5cm
Projection: 45.5cm
Basket diameter: 40.5cm
Length of basket rod: 81cm

St Lucia Planter

Code: ELSt lucia


About Item

Simple yet charmingly classical, this wire planter looks just spectacular when potted with bright blooms, or used as a topiary frame. The close knit wirework has been finished in a soft sage green, offering a sense of vintage beauty to the design. 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Base - Height: 68cm
Base - Width: 61cm
Weight: 7.02kg Top
Height: 78cm Top
Width: 106cm
Overall weight: 15.35kg

The Clemintine Cast Iron Urn

Code: ELThe Clemintine Cast Iron Urn


About Item

The rotund shape of this urn along with the etched line detailing has earned this design its name. Wonderfully rustic in finish the planter looks just stunning when potted with bright florals. The cast iron statement piece is a majestic feature for entrances and doorways, lending colour and drama to any setting. 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 100cm
Width: 84cm
Base: 38.5cm

Queen Anne Cast Planter

Code: ELQueen Anne


About Item

Charmingly rustic in finish, this antique style planter has a timeless shape with a duo of elaborate handle like decorations. The urn planter is made in cast iron and has been mounted on to a sculpted pillar for stability. 

Dimensions: (Approximate):
Height: 91cm
Width: 79cm
Diamater of Urn: 47cm
Weight : 95Kg

The Lord Albert Cast Iron Urn

Code: ELThe Lord Albert Cast Iron Urn


About Item

Inspired by the iconic shape of the Grecian urn, this cast iron planter is incredibly robust and equally stunning. The elaborate design features exquisite and intricate detailing which is accentuated beautifully by a subtle golden top coat. 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height :166cm
Width : 144cm
Base: 74cm Weight
Only deliverable via our transport, quotation available 01691 610 952


About Item

One of our more classical pieces, this design is created using lattice style metal work, allowing air to circulate and of course drainage during those spring downpours. The planter is mounted on to a robust squared plinth for added stability and majesty. 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 88cm
Diameter at Top: 60cm
Base: 31cm
Weight: 14.1kg

The Cheshire Hall Cast Planter

Code: ELCheshire Hall


About Item

The blossoming shape of the Cheshire Hall planter is as unique as it is enchanting. Petal like detailing adorns the rim and is elegantly mirrored towards the base.

The deep, rounded planter allows for a good amount of soil, ideal for bedding seeds and re-potting larger plants. 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 63cm
Width: 70cm
Base: 26cm
Weight: 65Kg

Was: £129.99

Special Price: £116.99

About Item

This classical planter draws inspiration from our agricultural surroundings. The trough like planter has been hand crafted from high grade wrought iron, and is a real show stopper when planted with colourful flowers

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 410mm (18")
Width: 1220mm (48")
Depth: 310mm (12")

Was: £149.99

Special Price: £134.99

About Item

This traditionally designed robust planter will add a rustic feel to any wall or strong fencing. It has been hand crafted from high grade wrought iron, and its a real show stopper when planted with colourful flowers. This piece could also be used as a window box, on any strong walling.

Finished in a long lasting black power coat, this planter is sure to withstand the test of time.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 410mm (18")
Width: 1220mm (48")
Depth: 310mm (12")

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

1 of 2

List Grid