superior quality garden benches and seating

We offer a stunning range of period garden benches, manufactured to highest standards using only the finest materials. 

All of our outdoor seating is built to ensure minimal maintenance is required making them the preferred choice when considering a wooden/teak garden bench. As our benches are manufactured from extremely durable metals it means they require no assembly and will be quickly delivered to your ready for use!

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  1. Belgravia Garden Bench

    Belgravia Garden Bench


    Out of stock

    The Belgravia garden bench is hand cast in aluminium and painted in our traditional white finish. The seat features intricate regal designs both front and back and is supplied with stained hardwood slates finished in a complementing natural tone.

    The Belgravia weighs approximately 29kg and is built to last generations. Please do not confuse this bench with inferior imported alternatives.

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 91cm
    Width: 60cm
    Depth: 54cm

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  2. The Arch Bench

    The Arch Bench


    Abundant in delicate detailing, this wrought iron bench is wonderfully classical in every sense. The back of the seat has been fitted with woven iron arch work which is elegant yet gothic in design.

    The arched embellishments are charmingly mirrored within the base of the bench and leg supports.

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 94cm
    Width: 107cm,
    Depth: 58cm

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  3. The Rochester Garden Bench

    The Rochester Garden Bench


    Out of stock

    The Rochester features our extremely popular old fashioned trolley wheels, which give a delightful charm which will undoutdedly be admired by all your visitors. The bench arms sweep down from the back rest creating a seamless effect, quite unusual when compare to traditional steel garden furniture.

    The Rochester is easily moved depending on your preferred location and is built to stand the test of time weighing over 27 kg.

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 95cm
    Width: 105cm
    Depth: 63cm

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  4. Period Garden Day Bed

    Period Garden Day Bed


    A unique addition to your garden, the day bed is an inviting and informal way to relax and enjoy the warm afternoon sunshine. The wider base and low level styling of the design is effortlessly inviting once adorned with cushions.

    The period styling of the daybed encompasses classical scroll work and a lattice work seat, offering comfort as well as stability. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 110.5cm
    Width: 168cm
    Depth: 75cm

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  5. girl reading with green table and bench
    • girl reading with green table and bench
    • Green Curved Metal Bench
    • Bench and table set

    The Sutton Bench Patio Collection


    This delightful garden furniture set includes a sturdy coffee table and a two seater bench. The seat has a high back for added comfort and a more unique shape.

    The table draws inspiration from classical wicker styles with its sculpted shape and under counter storage but has been made in iron and finished in a matching pastel green. 

    Dimensions (Approximate): Bench
    Height: 99.1cm
    Width: 132.1cm
    Depth: 43.8cm

    Dimensions (Approximate): Table
    Height: 54.6cm
    Width: 110.5cm
    Depth: 52.7cm

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  6. full sutton set
    • full sutton set
    • two single chairs and green table with girl
    • heavy duty green single chair

    The Chamberly Patio Collection


    This garden furniture set has a unique yet elegant shape and is finished in soft sage green. The sculpted coffee table and matching high back chairs offer unrivalled comfort and style.

    The low level table also features a an open center section, allowing you to store magazines or similar within. 

    Dimensions (Approximate): Chair
    Height: 98.4cm
    Width: 80cm
    Depth: 41.3cm

    Dimensions (Approximate): Table
    Height: 54.6cm
    Width: 110.5cm
    Depth: 52.7cm

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  7. Bridge and groom on cream westminster bench
    • Bridge and groom on cream westminster bench
    • Wrought Iron Cream bench on lawn
    • Scroll Design Iron Bench

    The Westminster Scroll Cream Bench


    Out of stock

    A true classic, this elegant design is abundant in classic beauty with timeless scroll work forming the arms and legs of the frame.

    The bench is made in iron and finished in antique cream, enhancing the simplistic charm of the seat. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Length: 152.5cm
    Height: 103cm
    Depth: 72cm
    Weight: 28.1kg

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  8. arched Garden Bench with lady
    • arched Garden Bench with lady
    • La Bella garden Bench in Green
    • Close up green Bench
    • Ornate Detailed Bench

    La Belle Garden Bench in Green


    This magnificent garden seat is abundant in elaborate detailing, creating an enchanting place to relax and enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

    The unusual bench has a high back which features ornate metalwork, scroll patterns and a regal fleur de lys finial. Made in iron the seat has a soft and delightfully stylish sage green finish.

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 169.5cm
    Width: 110.5cm
    Depth: 48.3cm

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  9. Florence cream folding bench
    • Florence cream folding bench
    • girl reading on the florence bench
    • cream bench on the lawn
    • folding tables on bench

    The Fantastic Florence Bench


    One of the most versatile designs within our range, this bench comfortably seats up to three people and has the unique addition of two foldable side tables to house a book or refreshing beverage.

    Robustly made, the long length bench has been fitted with scrolled motifs and stylish scroll detailing.  

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 94cm
    Length (without side tables):152.5cm
    Depth (front to back): 65cm
    Side tables Depth (Front to back): 45.5cm
    Length: 39cm
    Overall Weight: 40.10kg

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  10. The hartfordshire bench and girl
    • The hartfordshire bench and girl
    • white solid iron bench in the garden with cushion
    • ornate detailing
    • white iron bench back

    The Hartfordshire White Iron Bench


    This delightful two seater bench is perfect for placing in a quiet corner of the garden for a little relaxation.

    The back features elegant yet simple scroll detailing which is mirrored thought the arms. The seat has an enchantingly classical lattice pattern which offers comfort as well as style. 

    Dimensions (Approximate):
    Height: 101cm
    Length: 101.8cm
    Depth: 45.6cm
    Weight: 27.34kg

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