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copper hexagonal lanterns

Our copper hexagon lanterns are one of our most popular designs of lantern ever created, each one painstakingly manufactured using a very pure highly polished copper sheet, which is turned by hand by our master sheet metal beaters. Once the lantern is methodically formed, an art which takes countless hours, we fit our superior quality Perspex panels, a tougher and safer alternative to glass with 100% transparency.

The lantern is available with a range of different frog brackets, perfect if you're looking to upgrade to a new lantern on an existing installation. 

Each copper lamp is finished with our tough stove lacquer, providing a hardy barrier against the elements to ensure maximum durability. Supplied in a range of sizes with a selection of period cast supporting brackets and free brass bulb holder.

The Facts

- Superior heavy duty cast wall mounting brackets
- Stunning hand made Copper Hexagon Wall Lighting
- Manufactured using traditional methods and materials, ensuring maximum durability
- Free brass bulb holder with all Outdoor Wall Lights
- Free fast delivery!

All products should be installed, tested and certified by a qualified electrician, your tradesperson may make product adaptations where required.

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  1. Copper Hexagon Wall Light
    Copper Hexagon Wall Light
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