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Swan Neck Lamp Posts

swan neck lantern top and lamp posts.

With an outstanding level of detail the swan neck design is fast becoming one of our bestselling lamp post in the UK. Each lantern features our beautifully curved lantern arm, which supports the lantern in place. The lantern is in effect hanging, but uses a fixed position brackets which prevents unwanted turning.

The lamp post itself still represents 100% traditional quality, firstly the cast iron base with embossed emblem, rolled steel centre section and cast iron ladder bars make this lamp post a pure pedigree. 

For lamp post scale & sizing guide please click here 

The Facts

- Superior quality cast iron lamp post
- Stunning Victorian swan neck lantern
- Manufactured using traditional methods and materials, ensuring maximum life
- Supplied with free bulb holder
- We recommend all our cast iron lamp posts are fitted by a qualified electrician
- Free BC22 brass bulb holder ready for wiring
- Free masonry rawl bolts for fixing the lamp post in position and ply wood fixing point template
- The post base features a concealed inspection hatch ideal for use with a fuse cut out or to house a junction box. 

swan neck lamp post insallation at holiday parkhow to install a swan neck lamp post
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6 Item(s)

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Swan Neck Lamp Post 2.46m

Code: ELLF1000 + LF1062/65 + LF1033

Was: £329.99

Special Price: £296.99

About Item

Heavy duty cast iron lamp post and swan neck lantern set available with either traditional black or striking pure copper lantern. The swan neck lantern design dates back to the early 1900s and with a top mounted bulb fitment offers optimum light distribution and coverage.

The lamp post comprises of a heavy duty cast iron base and ladder bars and a thick rolled centre section. The lamp is formed by hand using galvanised sheet steel which is powder coated for ultimate longevity or pure polished copper.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 2.46m approx
Diameter: 60mm
Post base: 160mm square
Weight: 21kgs 

Swan Neck Lamp Post 2.93m

Code: ELLF1001 + LF1063/66 + dusk till dawn bulb

Was: £599.00

Special Price: £539.10

About Item

The medium swan neck lamp post set is designed to give a more significant level of light coverage and is perfect for a slightly larger patio, drive or garden.

Each unique swan neck lantern is supplied assembled with a free brass bulb holder and internal reflector panel, this ensures optimum light distribution downwards.  The lamp post is made to the same high quality specification using Cast Iron and rolled steel, ensuring years of faithful service.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 2.93m
Diameter: 80mm
Post base: 200mm square
Weight: 38.5kgs 

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Swan Neck Lamp Post 3.4m

Code: ELLF1002 + LF1064/67 + Dusk till dawn bulb

Was: £749.99

Special Price: £674.99

About Item

The large swan neck lamp post is a culmination of years of manufacturing expertise, high quality materials and dedication to absolute perfection. The large swan neck design weighs over 50kg which is testament to the ultimate build quality and genuine Victorian manufacturing techniques used.

This lamp post is perfect for lighting a large driveway or garden, due to its ample size it delivers excellent light coverage combined with years of faithful service. The large lamp post comes with free mainland UK delivery, and we recommend it is fitted by a qualified electrician.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 3.4m
Diameter: 90mm
Post base: 260mm square
Weight: 58kgs 

Large Swan Neck Lamp Post in White

Code: ELLF1002 + LF1064 WHITE

Was: £899.99

Special Price: £809.99

About Item

A breath-taking way to illuminate your driveway or grounds, our stunning swan neck design has been transformed with a bespoke white finish. The exquisite design encompasses all the ornate character of the original along with the durability and elegant swan neck bracket. 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 3.4m
Post Diameter: 90mm
Post Base: 260mm square
Weight: 60kg 

For Lamp Post scale click here  

St Florent Swan Neck Lamp Post

Code: ELLF1104 + LF1002

Was: £599.99

Special Price: £539.99

About Item

Produced from a combination of cast iron and steel, our St Florent Swan Neck Lamp Post will be sure to add a charming ambience to any setting.

The lamp post features a simplistic down light which is attached to a swan neck arm and is available in either a black or cream finish.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Total Height: 2620mm
Width: 580mm
Weight: 34.57kg

Was: £769.99

Special Price: £692.99

About Item

Dimensions (Approximate):
Total Height: 2620mm
Width: 900mm
Weight: 38.04kg

6 Item(s)

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