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This beautiful Kensington Street Light features a solid cast iron base, embossed with a period Victorian fluer-de -lis motif, wrought iron column and cast iron ladder bars. The lantern is turned and shaped by our master metal & panel beaters, featuring a hinged roof and toughen acrylic panes.

Acrylic glass is the preferred material of choice as it offers excellent transparency whilst being much stronger and safer than even reinforce glass.

To be installed, tested and certified by a qualified tradesperson, your tradesperson may make product adaptations where required.

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Dimensions & Technical Specification

Questions & Answers

How much does it cost to run a lamp post in your garden?

Typically, if running an energy efficient 6watt LED bulb for 10 hours per day, the running cost would be approximately £2.65 per year. 

Do I require planning permission to install a Lamp Post in my garden?

Generally this lamp post would be classed as a 'minor domestic light fitting' and would not require planning permission. Generally speaking, lamp posts are designed to deflect light downwards in order to avoid neighbour disturbance. Where lamp posts are fitted with PIR motion detectors, it's important to make sure they are not continuously triggered by bushes or trees which may cause nuisance.  Where in doubt, just contact your local planning office. 

Does this lamp post have to be attached to mains electricity?

Yes this lamp post is designed to be connected to a mains supply which is normally run via armoured cable by an electrician. The installation process is very straight forward for any trades person. 

Can I not use solar powererd bulb?

Whilst many people have converted the lantern to run from a solar panel and bulb combination, you typically find that these solar LEDs struggle to maintain light output throughout the winter months (where the days are shorter and darker). From extensive testing, we have found that during the winter the bulb will only be sufficiently charged to output light for around 6 continuous hours. 

When placing multiple lamp posts in my garden how should they be spaced?

Typically using a 60watt warm white bulb, a series of 7ft 5inch lamp posts will be spaced between 10-20metres apart depending on the lux level which is to be achieved. Once positioned a higher or lower output bulb could be used to increase or decrease light levels. Your electrician will be able to suggest the maximum output bulb which could be used.  Where larger posts are used for extended driveways spacing can increase to as much as 30-40metres. 

Does this lamp post require a base when positioning in a flower bed?

Yes this lamp post does require a concrete base. Depending on location and ground type the base size is normally between 12-24 inches cubed. 

Who installs garden lamp posts?

Most electricians will complete both the base and the electrical work. 

Can I use the lamp post with hanging planters?

Hanging basket brackets are available upon request. We recommend fixing the brackets using good guage nut and bolts directly through the post. 

Is it possible to paint the lamp posts custom colours?

Yes, the lamp posts are readily available in white or british racing green. Personalised colours are available upon request.

Are matching porch lights available?

Yes, please see the related products section on this page. 

Technical Specification:

  • Anchor Bolts: M10 with 10mm thread
  • Bulb Type: dusk till dawn sensor bulb (supplied)
  • Wattage: 60-70 Watts is Optimum, 200 Watts Max
  • Base Measurements: 16cm squared (approx)
  • Pad Size: between 2-3ft squared (approx)
  • Guarantee: 10 year structural guarantee 
  • Amp Rating:  2amp
  • Bulb Holder: bayonet cap BC22
  • Material: solid cast iron
  • Supplied in ‘Signal Black’ Base Paint Finish - RAL 9004

The Facts:

  • Beautifully detailed base, ladder bars and hand made lantern with hinged roof for easy bulb replacement.
  • Heavy duty, weighing over 20kgs.
  • Free Bayonet Brass Bulb Holder ready for wiring - suitable for use with energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Easily installed by a qualified electrician. 
  • Pre cast anchoring points at the base for straight forward installation and free masonry rawl bolts.
  • All our lamp posts are finished in a traditional signal black.

Dimensions (approximate):
Height: 2.25m (7ft 5")
Diameter: 60mm
Post base: 160mm square
Weight: 23kg

For information on installing your lamp post click here.

For information on caring for your lamp post click here.

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