Fitting an Old Frog Collar to a new Lantern

Many of those purchasing a new lantern to install on a reclaimed lamp post, may have difficulty either finding a lantern with a collar to fit or in simply trying to detach the collar from the post. Often the collar which is its own component will be difficult to separate once it has become corroded to the post.  However assuming this has now been removed in one piece without the need for cutting and grinding, you now have the challenge of sourcing a lantern which fixing points align with those of the original collar. 

We do offer a specialist service whereby we can modify your existing frog collar or lantern so that the two components can be used together.

Unfortunately, many old frog collars are cast iron and we cannot take responsibility if they are damaged whilst we try to work with them. Whilst this rarely happens, cast iron is brittle and can be damaged easily during this process. 

You will need to first send us your frog collar (ideally delivered by hand); our blacksmiths are then able to modify the underside of the lantern as required.

We fit the collar after adjusting, fettling and drilling out old fittings to be replaced with new ones.  Sometimes we will need to make additional components to ensure the collar and the lantern will marry together.  The newly fitted, old frog can be painted black or left with the existing colouration.

Finally, a new bulb holder stem is fitted ready for wiring.   The pictures below show an original cast iron collar being fitted to a new polished copper Victorian lantern body. 

For more information, please contact us on 01691 610 952.   If you have a lantern body and simply require a wrought iron collar please click here

          Cast Iron Collar fitted to new copper lantern    Fitting the collar close up

Reclaimed lamp post collar and copper lantern aerial view