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Ffestiniog and Welsh Railway Lighting Project

  Ffestiniog Railway Platform Lamp Posts Lamp Posts at Snowdonia
Against a backdrop of outstanding natural beauty and illuminating the station of the historic Ffestiniog and Welsh Highlands Railway you will find a series of our Victorian Lamp Posts. The authentic and traditional style of the Victorian design has long been a firm favorite with those looking to preserve the classical charm of their railway setting. 

Based in the heart of Snowdonia Ffestiniog Station is the world’s oldest narrow gauge railway with a history spanning more than 200 years. The 3.2-meter lamp posts whilst period in design was specially modified to contain a flat panel 20watt LED light within the lantern roof.   The fitting that was chosen deliberately had a low kelvin (3500k) colouration which meant the lamp posts would distribute a lovely warm/yellow light whilst benefiting from a very low level of energy consumption.   The LED fitting itself also offers a much longer life span than the high-pressure sodium fittings which would have been typically used several years earlier. 

The lamp posts themselves were meticulously chosen by the railway director Mike Hart and his team, who spent considerable periods of time analyzing old black and white photography of the station to ensure they matched as closely as possible to both the original design and scale of the lamp posts.   Surprisingly by today's standards, the posts are relatively short, standing just over 10ft tall, however, we have to remember that going back 100 years the lamps would have powered by gas and would have required a lamplighter and his accoutrements in order illuminate them each evening. 

Visit the Railway Lighting section or the Victorian Lamp Post areas of the website for more information. 

historic railway lighting victorian lighting in national park
Engineering team post platform restoration