On set with Hollyoaks


When producers from the one of the UK’s top soap opera show, Hollyoaks, contacted us as they were looking for some lighting which complemented their real life sets and outdoor locations, we couldn’t have been happier to help.

The show was created in 1995 and is set in the fictional village of Hollyoaks, a suburb of Chester. The show is targeted towards adolescent and young audiences but has since grown and broadened its appeal to all age groups, thanks to its iconic cliffhangers and drama.

Hollyoaks Collage

The design and production team were looking for something traditional, that would fit within a town setting, but would also be dramatic to form the perfect backdrop.  Of course, all of our lamp post collections offer a number of lighting solutions for any setting, and with the assistance of our helpful team, the Hollyoaks production team chose the stunning double headed copper hexagonal lamp post.

Four of these fantastic lamp posts were installed outside of the Tug Boat Grill, cascading light on a new venture and even more drama!

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Double Headed hexagonal copper - extra large