The Chronicles of Narnia Lamp Post Project

English Lamp Posts donated one of our famous and iconic Victorian Lamp Posts to become part of one organisation’s recreation of a true classic. The Wood Hills and Tracks Charity had chosen ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ to be the inspiration for a workshop, utilising undeniably one of literature’s most iconic lamp posts and a timeless tale adored by the entire nation.

Narnia Lamp Post

Woods Hills and Tracks is local Charity that specialises in providing outdoor movement projects for those with a disability in a rural setting. The central decoration was welcomed with the help of a familiar looking faun along with a few members from the charity.        

The Victorian lamp post took pride of place during the themed charity evening held in the woodland area of the site. The performing arts team from Wood Hills pulled out all the stops ensuring all the favourite characters from Mr Tumnus to Aslan were there to celebrate the unveiling. In the story, this unforgettable lamp was said to mark the beginning of Narnia and we’re so pleased to be able to help the Hills and Tracks team with start of a new project.  For more information see the Lamp Post chosen for the project here

       Wood Hills and Tracks Charity- Narnia