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Ornate Victorian Wall Mounted Letter Box

Code: ELLB1156

About Item

Incredibly ornate in detailing, this post box has been specifically designed for wall mounting and is ideal for any home seeking something inspired by classic Victorian design without going the traditional route. This post box has been crafted from a combination of robust cast iron and hard-wearing aluminium. Its cast iron face plate features a simply beautiful fleur de lys design, which pays perfect homage to the Victorian era, and its back plate features a matching upper final piece.

Key Features:

  • Large post aperture, designed to fit up to A4 sized letters.
  • Lockable front door supplied with a spare set of keys to keep your post as safe as possible.
  • Sloped roof design to keep your post safe and dry from the elements. 

Dimensions & Technical Specification

Dimensions approx:
Post Box
Height = 315mm
Width = 355mm
Depth = 167mm
Letter Aperature
Width = 275mm
Height = 25mm