Pillar Lights

 If you're looking for outdoor patio lighting our pillar post lanterns are extremely versatile, perfect for use on walls, decking or entrance columns. The bracket itself is designed to allow fitment of the entire range of lanterns, so the look you're trying to create can vary from the contemporary chic styling of the copper Victorian lantern to the more nuevo brass gothic lanterns.

The pillar mount fixture is supplied with the lantern, however, if you already have the lantern the mounts can be purchased separately. Each set includes the bulb holder ready for wiring. The outdoor patio/post bracket has four pre-drilled fixing points in the solid steel base, for ease of installation. We recommend all patio lighting is fitted by a qualified electrician.

For those looking to create a lighting theme, we also supply each lantern in a matching lamp post and wall mounted lantern set, for a really striking effect.

All products should be installed, tested and certified by a qualified electrician, your tradesperson may make product adaptations where required.

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Pillar Light Coverage

Typically each lantern is supplied with a 2amp bulb holder and used with an energy efficient 70watt output bulb in a warm white shade.  This typically gives the optimum balance between light coverage and energy efficiency.  Energy efficient LED bulbs can also be used. This is only a guide, we always advise seeking the advice of your electrician who has an understanding of your exact circumstances with regards to the exact fittings used. 

Motion Detection

Some customers require motion detection so that the pillar lights are triggered as a car or person enters the property. Please consult your electrician with regards to the fitting of this external component. 

Pyramid Capping Stones

Our standard pillar plate is designed for flat capping stones, however an adapted plate can be manufactured should you have a pyramid or raised design. To discuss the viability in more detail please call our offices directly. 

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    Belgravia Pillar Top Lantern - 145cm
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  2. Brick Pillar Top Lantern
    Belgravia Pillar Top Lantern - 117cm
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  3. Brick Pillar Top Lantern
    Belgravia Pillar Top Lantern - 86cm
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  4. Black Nautical Style Pillar Top Light
    Black Nautical Style Pillar Top Light
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  5. Pillar Post Bracket Only
    Pillar Post Bracket Only
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