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Whether it is for commercial or residential settings, adding a lamp post or lantern can create a polished look to your home or garden.  Both decorative and functional, our collection of light fixtures come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, so you can have one that is suited to your requirements and needs.  This information guide covers all the basics from getting to know your lamppost, to installation to care and maintenance, so your light fixture can become an integral part of your home and garden for many years to come.


Care & Maintenance 

Copper Maintenance & Ageing Process

Understanding Light Bulbs & Bulb Fittings

Getting to know your lamp post

How to install a lamp post

Lamp Post Scale and Size Guide

The History of the Lamplighter 

A Guide to PIR Sensors 

Video Guides with Ben

Bespoke Colour Lamp Posts

How to refurbish a lamp post