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Taking a Little Inspiration from Privet Drive

harry potter set lighting

Harry Potter Privet Drive Lamp PostFor those looking to lend a little magic to their home or driveway, why not look to the tale of the most famous wizard for a little inspiration?

During a recent visit to the amazing Warner Brother Studios Harry Potter set which was undeniably incredible, I did find myself, as I often do, mesmerised by the styles of lighting used.  With each replica of the movie sets, from Snape’s potions room to the Weasley’s Burrow it was fantastic to see how the right choices could really make an impact on the authenticity of a room or scene.

I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between some of our most popular designs and those now installed around some the story’s most iconic buildings. Number four Privet Drive features a regal, Victorian looking lamp post set not unlike our own, it was impossible to miss this stunning and solitary piece standing guard outside the Dursley’s home.  

Similarly, I found the use of hanging chain lanterns in the window of Olivander’s dusty yet effortlessly enchanting wand shop, an inspired way to lend a sense of drama and ambience to the otherwise dimly lit set.

diagon alley wall lantern

 Covered Bridge Harry Potter - Pendant Light  





Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Hexagonal Wall Light

Diagon Alley Wall Lights Scrubbulus             

The magnificent Diagon Alley set is home to a number of atmospheric lanterns, one of which is wonderfully reminiscent of our copper hexagon wall lights, each one beautifully mounted onto an equally antiquated wall bracket and perfectly illuminating every shop from Flourish and Blotts to Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes.

The wooden bridge, also known as the covered bridge that was so famously obliterated in the final film now stands proudly at the centre of the exhibition, with the beautiful addition of Victorian style pendant lights all suspended perfectly by matching chain, enhancing the warped nature of the old yet beautiful bridge. 

So fellow muggles we are as delighted as ever to offer you a unique way to help bewitch your visitors, truly magical lighting, Always.    

hanging chain lantern Olivander's wand shop