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3.3m Black Victorian Tower Garden Lamp Post

Code: ELLF1075 + HS629


Made Specially To Order - Approximate 12 to 16 week lead time - Prices may vary

About Item

A beautifully unique alternative to more classic lamp post offerings, this towering post comes complete with a traditional Victorian lantern set atop its towering form.

Standing tall at 3.25m, this piece of metalwork artistry will certainly add a real sense of grandeur to your property or grounds whilst remaining true to classic design. The post features intricate and ornate scroll detailing extending up from the very bottom of the post all the way to the top.

Additionally, the lantern offers up traditional Victorian design with a domed upper finial and embossed corner finials for a truly show-stopping piece. Create a grand entrance instantly with this lamp post!

Dimensions & Technical Specification

Dimensions (Approximate):
Total Height: 3.3m
Lantern Height: 87cm
Lantern Width: 37cm