Swept Hilt Italian Rapier

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ELHI Swpet Hilt Italian Rapier

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Inspired by the swords of the 16th and 17th century this slender rapier is wonderfully authentic in design. The blade has been hand crafted from carbon steel similar to that which would have been used throughout history.

Traditionally the handle or hilt of the sword was used as protection for the fencing hand. The hilt of this classical Italian style sword is beautifully ornate featuring exquisite scroll work and basket detailing. A unique decoration that is abundant in historical charm, lending a wonderful sense of character to your establishment. Intrigue your guests and friends with this unusual and simply delightful interior addition. 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Length: 120mm (47”)
Length of Blade: 1020mm (40”)
Diameter of Hilt: 200mm (8”)
Diameter of Blade: 30mm (1”)
Weight: 2kg

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Swept Hilt Italian Rapier

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