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Post Boxes

At the heart of each of our post boxes is both practicality and exceptional design, each offering its own unique facets. Whether you need increased security, a larger parcel slot, chic style or even something which can be built into a wall or pillar, we have something to suit all requirements. 

Our external post boxes have been painstakingly perfected over many years and are created from the highest quality materials. With designs ranging from the charmingly vintage to the effortlessly contemporary we have a post box to suit the individuality and character of any home. A spectacular feature for your grounds this collection lends instant style and status to all settings.

The Facts

  • Manufactured to a superior standard using only the finest grade materials,
  • Each Letter Box within the range is supplied with two keys, so that you have a spare,
  • If you're looking for something a little more bespoke, you can feature your house number on your Letter Box - available on request.  
  • easy installation guide
  • Customisations
  • Bulk Trade Orders

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About Item

The Kensington Wall Mounted Post Box, manufactured in aluminium with a black powder coat finish. The door flap is 100% brass with a satin sheen and each side features an embossed designer motif. Each post box is supplied with two keys.

  • Secure front opening door
  • Supplied with two sets of keys
  • Galvanized to prevent corrosion
  • Quick and easy installation

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 431mm (17")
Width: 406mm (16")
Depth: 182mm (7.25")
Letter Aperture: 203mm x 50mm
Weight: 5.6kg



About Item

A great wall mounted parcel box, created in a classic period design, this post can be wall mounted. It is also available with a stand here. With a an opening top as well as a letter aperture, you can easily receive letters and this parcel box will comfortably hold small packages.

Dimensions (Approximate):

Post Box:
Height: 53cm
Width: 38cm
Depth: 24cm
Weigtht: 6.500Kg
Internal Depth: 19cm
Internal Width: 29cm
Internal Height: 28.5cm

Letter Apeture:
Width: 20cm
Height: 4cm


About Item

This post box is made from cast aluminium, and is a wall mounted post box. This lovely post box is available in 3 different colours, red, black and green. The letter flap will easily for A4 envelopes to be posted, and the letter plate is cast from brass.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 46cm
Width: 41cm
Depth: 16cm
Letter Aperture: 27.5cm x 3.5cm
Weight: 5.600kg



About Item

This slim design wall mounted letter box is hand made from steel and available in 3 colours, black, red and green. This letter box has an opening door on the bottom to allow access when collecting your post.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 46.5cm
Width: 28cm
Depth: 8cm
Weight: 2.6kg

Letter Door Opening
Height: 4.5cm
Width: 23cm


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About Item

Simple and sleek this post box is wall mounted and is finished in a timeless black. This elegant design features a liftable aperture and offers security alongside sophisticated modernity. The lid perfectly conceals the postal slot and lock which is supplied with two unique keys.

Height: 385mm (15⅛")
Width: 320mm (12½")
Projection: 130mm (5⅛")
Apeture height: 25mm (1")
Aperture width: 230mm (9")

York Heavy Post and Parcel Box

Code: ELyork-heavy-post-and-parcel-box


About Item

York Heavy Post and Parcel Box

About Item

This stylish and functional post box features a front opening door and slim back box making it perfect for mounting on walls.

A hinged lid covering the letter aperture ensures your post is kept safe from the elements. 

Dimensions approx
Post Box
Height = 425mm
Width = 277mm
Projection = 123mm 
Weight = 9.7Kg
Door size
Height 184mm
Width 197mm


About Item

This contemporary styled post and parcel box is perfectly suited to someone looking for a more simplistic or modern look.

Its shape and slightly oversized curved lid not only allows this post box to easily accomodate large letters and small parcels, but also deters the elements and keeps your post safely stored away inside until you are ready to collect it.

Hand made from high grade sheet steel and finished in a range of colours.

Dimensions approx
Height: 381mm 
Width: 305mm
Depth: 127mm 


About Item

This post box is handmade in heavy wrought iron. Not just a functiona post box it is a real statement piece and work of art. 

It features a locking front opening door and a large newspaper holder underneath to house your papers and magazines.

Dimensions approx:
Height = 650mm (25.5")
Width = 430mm (16.9")
Depth = 190mm (7.4")
Weight = 15.12Kg


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About Item

A slimmer version of the traditional E.R. post box this one is perfect for mounted on wall of those requiring something a little smaller. It still retains the build quality and all of the charm of the standard E.R. box but with a smaller foot print. 

This box is produced from cast Aluminium annd steel and is available in Black and Red.

Dimensions approx:

Height: 580mm (22.8")
Width: 240mm (9.5")
Depth: 200mm (8")
Weight: 10.46kg

Items 1 to 10 of 42 total

1 of 5

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