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English Lamp Posts blog

Find out about our latest products, innovations and the rambles from our founder Eric and the team. 

harry potter privet drive lamp post

Discover more about the lighting used in J K Rowling's Harry Potter and discover how you can create your very own Privet Drive here.

Radley Store Lamp Post Project 

radley shop suppliers

Find out how we helped Radley in a number of their recently refurbished high street stores.
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Vintage Railway Station Lamp Posts & Lighting

Vinatge Railway Station Lamp Posts and Lighting

 Illuminating the hidden beauty of this historic railway station. 
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 Old Street Lighting- The Lamplighter

old street lighting the lamp lighter tradition

Uncover the history of street lighting and the treasured tradition of lamp lighting. 
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 Illuminating the Historic Beauty of Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle lamp posts and lanterns

Delve into the history and medieval beauty of Leeds Castle and discover more about our lighting transformations. 
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Serene Snowdonia Lighting Project

Ffestiniog and welsh highlands railway lighting project
Journey in the historic beauty of the Vale with our authentic Victorian Lighting collection.
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Illuminating Minds with Kidzania Education Center

kidzania london lighting project

  Uniting with young explorers to discover more about the working world and creating an authentic, real experience. 
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Adventures with Chessington Theme Park

Chessington theme park

Discover more of our lighting project with Chessington World of Adventures. 
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On Set With Hollyoaks

on set with hollyoaks get the look

On set with Channel 4 and the cast of Hollyoaks, our lighting becomes the backdrop for the drama filled tug boat. 
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Narnia Inspired Lamp Post for Charity

narnia inspired lighting feature

  Discover how we supported one charity in bringing a beloved tale to life, with the help of an iconic lamp post design.
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How to Refurbish a Lamp Post

refurbishing a lamp post

For advice on how to refurbish your lamp post, our guide is full of expert tips to help you achieve a perfect finish. 

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Copper Pillar Lights at Boutique Hotel

Copper Pillar Lights at Boutique Hotel

A pleasure to assist a 19th Century refurbishment looking for stylish yet beautifully designed lighting. 
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Fitting an Old Frog Collar to a New Lantern

fitting an existing collar on to a lantern

For those with an existing post looking to simply replace the lantern, we offer a specialist service to fit your collar to the design of your choice. 
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A Tour of Paradise

BBC the paradise victorian lighting

Take a look inside the BBC's The Paradise set and discover more about our Victorian lighting.
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Lamp Post Custom Colourations

custom painted lamp posts

   For a more bespoke finish or if you need help with restoring an existing post our paint works are always happy to help.
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Traditional lighting with a modern twist? lighting sensor garden lanterns

Functionality without compromising on style, discover more about our new lighting sensor feature.
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Your definitive guide to Garden Street Lamps

getting to know the works of a lamp post

Getting to know the works and components of a lamp post and lantern helps you select the perfect light for your home.
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Inspiring Work & A Unique Lamp Post!

unique lamp post story

An inspiring project, the story of a lamp post lovingly restored to its former glory.
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Victorian Blog Awards

Top Victorian Blog Awards 2012

It's your chance to have your say and vote for your favourite Victorian Blog of 2011! The competition is extremely fierce and whilst there is only room for 10 official listed winners, we will be reviewing an extended list and include those within the site, in runners up category. If you would like to submit a blog into the competition, please feel free to contact us for an application form. The application deadline ends on Friday 18th November 2011, so please be sure to enter in good time. Good luck!

To follow the results of the Victorian Blog Awards 2011 click here.