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The Royal Alexandria Gazebo

Code: ELHS708


About Item

The Royal Alexandria gazebo is an engineering masterpiece. Constructed from over 3 tonnes of hand forged wrought iron each royal Alexandria gazebo takes a team of blacksmiths over three weeks to make, beating and forging over 200 decorative scrolls.

This gazebo is so special there have been very few ever made, recently selected for Alan Titchmarsh Love Your Garden as a key Show feature. The structure is suitable for either lawn or plinth mounting. As pictured the gazebo is ideal for use with a table and chairs, perfect for enjoying a glass of wine in or entertaining during those lazy summer afternoons.

Delivery costs may vary depending on your location, so please contact with your exact requirements. Requires maintenance see product maintenance section. 

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height: 4.6m
Weight: 2000kg
Internal seating area: 4m x 4m

The Alexandria Gazebo was featured on Alan Titchmarsh's - "Love Your Garden" in September 2011.

Alexandria Gazebo featured on Love You Garden

Dimensions & Technical Specification

Dimensions: Height: 4.6m Weight: 2000kg Internal seating area: 4m x 4m

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