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Black Victorian Wall Light On Ornate Bracket

Code: ELLF1050/51/75 + LF1088

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About Item

Abundant in classical beauty our timeless Victorian lantern has been paired with this beautifully ornate bracket. The wall bracket features traditional scrollwork and is a stunning complement to the elegant simplicity of the Victorian lamp.

Finished in a semi-gloss black, the wall bracket also has pre-drilled mounting holes for a quick and easy installation. To be installed and certified by a qualified tradesperson, your tradesperson may make product adaptations where necessary.

Dimensions (Approximate):
Lantern Across Top: 21.5cm
Lantern Across Bottom: 11.5cm
Lantern Height: 60cm
Total Height: 88cm
Total Projection: 33cm
Total Weight: 3kg

Lantern Across Top: 24.5cm
Lantern Across Bottom: 14.5cm
Lantern Height: 70cm
Total Height: 98cm
Total Projection: 46cm

Across lantern top: 37cm
Across lantern bottom: 20.5cm
Lantern height: 87cm
Total height inc bracket: 115cm
Total projection: 51cm


Dimensions & Technical Specification

Dimensions (approx)


 Lantern Across Top: 21.5cm, Lantern Across Bottom: 11.5cm, Lantern Height: 60cm, Total Height: 88cm, Total Projection: 33cm, Total Weight: 3kg


 Lantern Across Top: 24.5cm, Lantern Across Bottom: 14.5cm, Lantern Height: 70cm, Total Height: 98cm Total Projection: 46cm


 Across lantern top: 37cm, Across lantern bottom: 20.5cm, lantern height: 87cm, total height inc bracket: 115cm, total projection: 51cm