Need ideas on how to install your Victorian lamp post? On this page, we have an assortment of installation ideas from our previous customers.

Clive from Essex has added a couple of custom touches to his lamp posts. He has painted the lantern spinnings, finials and ladder bar in a bright gold finish which gives a perfect contrast to our jet black powder coating. The lamp posts have then been bolted into place at both the top and bottom of the garden path.

 Black and Gold Garden Lamp Post

Trevor from Bishop Auckland has fitted his lamp post directly onto his black slate patio. The lamp post has been fitted with the included "Dusk Till Dawn" sensor bulb meaning it is as functional as it is charming.

Black Victorian Lamp Post on black slate patio

Matthew from Lincolnshire has fitted a very special bulb into his lamp post. It is a large globe filament bulb that will output a much more subtle orange hue, providing a retro effect that is very reminiscent of the original Victorian gas lamps. The lamp post has then been installed on a dedicated concrete pad with a picturesque backdrop.

Medium Garden Lamp Post

Trudy from Milton Keynes has added an instant sense of grandeur to her traditional stone cottage with the installation of her lamp post. Trudy has chosen to fit her lantern with a retro-style filament bulb that really exudes a sense of the traditional Victorian era. This combined with the charm of her cottage and garden path makes for a lovely English scene.

Black Victorian Lamp Post Infront of Contry Cottage